“These Vaccines Are Harming People In Extraordinary Fashion” — Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, President Of The Cardio-Renal Society Of America & The Most Published MD On Covid Treatment
  • “Over 85 percent of people who’ve died from Covid-19 could have been saved with early treatment … [This is why] every Covid-19 death that occurred in a hospital should be counted as murder.” — Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

    This virus doesn’t kill anyone. Period.

    It’s the body’s inflammo-thrombotic response to the virus that kills people, and the inflammo-thrombotic response is easy to treat, with over twenty different early-treatment protocols (and counting) all of which — all without exception — are far more effective than any of these experimental, biologically active genetic injections, which require perpetual, never-ending boosters the longterm consequences of which are completely unknown. Completely. What I’m saying is not speculative. Watch:

    Also this:







    This is Jeffrey Epstein’s good friend Bill Gates. Click the pick to watch the vid, if you can stomach it.






    Please click through that link and see the horror-show happening before us in real time. The link again.

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