Government Is Force
  • This is Justin Trudeau.


    Today, Justin Trudeau, who once “took a knee” against police brutality and who once marched to end genocide, is openly advocating genocide and the instigation of police force.

    The following photo represents Justin Trudeau today — an elderly woman, peacefully protesting forced (as opposed to voluntary) genetic injections, the longterm consequences of which are completely unknown, trampled by one of Justin (“Black-Face”) Trudeau’s horse-mounted policemen:

    Today, Justin (“Black-Face”) Trudeau openly and in no uncertain terms is seeking to repeatedly inject millions and millions of individual human-beings, including children, with a biologically active, experimental gene-transfer platform, the longterm consequences of which nobody knows because these gene-transfer platforms were pushed through at “warp speed,” to use Donald Trump’s exact words, and so were never tested for longterm safety or side-effects.


    The following, however, is some of what we do know about these experimental genetic injections (i.e. that they absolutely harm and they kill):

    Please compare the year 2021 with the year 2018 from the CDC’s graph directly below. The vaccination rate was identical:


    That, reader, is known as bioterrorism.

    Forcing humans to against their will take an experimental genetic injection which is known to harm and kill in astronomically high numbers (see the graphs above) — for a virus easily treated with over twenty different early-treatment protocols, a virus which even when completely untreated has an overall survival rate of 99.8 percent — is called attempted genocide.

    This is from the CDC. It is the lethality of the Wuhan virus when UNTREATED. When treated (which it easily is — with over 20 [and counting] safe, inexpensive, abundant protocols]), this virus is far less lethal than the regular seasonal flu.

    Sensible questions, the answers to which are as follows: No. None. No!

    Fundamentally, the only thing at issue here — the only thing — is this: voluntary, consensual human action versus state coercion and governmental force. That is it.

    There is absolutely nothing at all complicated about any of this.

    Government is by definition an apparatus of coercion and force.

    Freedom is the omission of state coercion and governmental force.

    Do you believe humans are by nature free, and that human freedom is a birthright?

    If you answer yes to that question, then you believe in voluntary, consensual human action over state coercion and governmental force — and by “coercion and force” I’m referring specifically to such things as what you can see in the photo directly below, where an elderly woman, peacefully protesting mandatory genetic injections, is trampled by a Canadian policeman upon a horse:


    “Police used gas on protestors yesterday and today.”

    For the first time in Canadian history, the so-called Emergencies Act has been enacted.

    This act gives the Canadian government sweeping new powers to suspend with total impunity individual rights, for an indefinite period of time.

    It is Marshal Law.

    It is an act of war.

    It is the worse thing to ever happen in all of Canada’s history.

    Even if one disagrees with the protesters and even if one supports state-coerced, government-forced, repeated injections of an untested biologically active gene-transfer platform, in order to combat a virus which when treated is less lethal than the regular seasonal flu, one should nonetheless be terrified of the state — any state — seizing this sort of power, without any checks or oversight whatsoever. Because I promise you, this is only the beginning: it is the beginning of the end.

    Also, to any and all people who do sanction the state having such sweeping power over individual lives — i.e. the power to repeatedly inject any and all citizens, including children who neither get very sick from the virus (if at all) nor pass it along, with an untested biologically active gene-transfer platform, in order to combat a virus which when treated with safe, effective, inexpensive, abundant early-treatment protocols is far less lethal than the seasonal flu — you sanction thereby the complete ceding of individual rights to government coercion and force, in every aspect of human existence. You’ve conceded the principle of individual autonomy, and in so conceding this bedrock principle, in any and all of its infinite applications, you can never again defend the principle of individual autonomy, voluntary consensual human action, and non-coercion, in any arena, since in conceding this principle, humans, according to what you’ve just ceded, no longer exist by right but purely by permission: governmental permission.

    In ceding this bedrock principle, you must now always submit to being injected with anything — anything, no matter what it is — with which the state at any time deems we be injected. This is also only the beginning: it is the beginning of the end.

    If you think I’m exaggerating or overstating, you won’t have long to wait before you see precisely what I’m talking about — at which time, you’ll realize that if anything I have drastically understated this horror show, which dwarves the horror show of the NAZI’s, and which is their ideological successor.


    Click the image to watch the video [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

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