The Latest But Not The Greatest Death Threat I’ve Received

    These are real messages. The number listed is fake. I know because I still work part-time for a private detective.

    These sorts of death threats have, for over a decade, become somewhat commonplace for me — beginning in earnest in late 2017. (And you should see those photos. They remind you of Saint Paul in June, with birds singing a sickening, horrifying tune.)

    Perhaps this particular death threat was precipitated by the following brief video, which will change the way you think of any notion concerning vaccine-induced genocide. Drop everything and watch this, please. The life of your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins and other kin depend upon it. I implore you to take the 3 minutes to watch:

    Also, as many of us said from the beginning, no cloth or ear-loop mask in human history could ever stop or remotely slow any aerosol virus. Period. That’s ancient news. It’s been known for over half a century. The New York Times, The Atlantic, Newsweek, and the Washington Post only took three years to get abreast of 20th century history:


















    There’s also this little literature, which has been on these boxes from the beginning, but which nobody noticed or cared about:




    Also — and this is absolutely crucial — lockdowns killed more people by far than the virus could have ever killed even if completely untreated (with the over 60 different early treatment protocols that were deliberately suppressed [see below]).


    But whatever, right?

    What does any of it matter now? We just want to get on with our lives and have fun.

    My answer to that — which is admittedly old-fashioned: it matters inexpressibly, and all the hedonic pseudo-philosophies in the world are nothing more than sheer rationalization, which amount to nothing more than a shallow existence.

    Know the following at minimum:

    Every single thing used to justify lockdowns was flatly false and, even more shocking, it’s now openly admitted as such by ever major medical organization in the world.

    Every single thing.

    It was an orchestrated lie from the beginning.

    The damage, however, caused by worldwide conformity and the utter unwillingness to think for oneself, has been accomplished and can never be undone. Never. That much is also true.

    The human mind worldwide has been shrunk, in a mere 3.5 years, to a medieval level, when blood-letting was considered healthy, infanticide a virtue, and people laughed at those in insane asylums.

    The real question is this:

    Did you think for yourself?

    Did you see the obvious flaws and fallacies being promulgated by the most relentless 24 hour 7 day a week propaganda campaign in human history?

    If you didn’t, you’re exonerated.

    No sane human would expect such murderous evil from its world leaders. Nor should they.

    The most elemental question then becomes this: will you learn from the past 3.5 years?

    Do you know now the highest virtue in the world is thinking for yourself: relying upon the awesome power of your own individual brain?

    Or will you fall prey to the next terror campaign fueled by catastrophism, via relentless media and social-media propaganda, which, you may be absolutely assured, will the next time be different and more subtle, yet exactly the same in principle?

    Will you fall into the same trap that once made an entire nation stand by and watch a horrific holocaust?

    Will social media brainwash you into deeper dogma?

    Or will you think on your own?



    If you care and if you remember the following always, you’ll go far in insulating your mind from all corrosion of conformity:

    Anyone who for any reason, no matter what that reason is, no matter who it is, advocating the shutdown of open inquiry is always in the wrong. Always.

    These people are advocating an adversary ethic and a carious epistemology.

    This will forever be one of your guiding lights and it will never fail you.

    It is one of several means by which you can always know for certain. It is a North Star.

    Anyone who calls for the shutdown of open inquiry, for any reason — i.e. “the debate is over” — is wrong. Period.

    Here’s another North Star:

    Anyone who for any reason calls for the subordination of the individual to any so-named cult, clique, group, or collective is always and infallibly in the wrong. Always. That is another infallible method by means of which you will keep your brain clean and clear and safe.

    Remember as well — and this is the most fundamental crux that exists: those who do not think for themselves do not think at all.

    Those who do not think for themselves do not think at all.

    Those who don’t think for themselves are automatons.

    They care about fitting in with their cult or clique or tribe or group more than they care about truth and accuracy. They care about comfort and pleasure. They care about leisure and being liked. They care nothing for truth. They care nothing for justice or injustice. As long as they remain left in relative comfort, no matter how much of their souls they sell, no matter how enslaved they are, they will be in their minds okay.

    These are the people who are and always have been and always will be complete ciphers of history.

    Those who do not think for themselves do not think at all.

    Those who do not think for themselves do not think at all.

    It’s worth noting also that most of my family — who as you noticed above were explicitly threatened with bullets to their brains — disagree, to varying degrees, with my convictions about the virus and the vaccine.

    I ask you to pause and think about that for a moment:

    My family members who disagree with me are being threatened with bullets to their brains because of convictions which I hold that they don’t.

    That, Reader, is the type of person the world is dealing with: Sociopaths whom the majority of the world’s population now and for 3.5 years regard as heroes.

    If this doesn’t open your eyes at least a crack, you’re beyond beyond, and you need not bother reading another word of this. It will mean nothing to you.

    If you’re still reading, however, consider again, I beseech you, that every single thing used to justify lockdowns in March of 2020 is now admitted  by every major medical and media and social-media outlet as being wrong, just as many of us pointed out during the first week of lockdowns.

    From the CDC and the WHO: “Covid-19 is fatal to only 0.1 to 0.5 percent of the population.”

    That’s about the same rate as the seasonal flu of 2018.

    Lethatity rates, please recall, of the Wuhan virus were initially, for weeks, said to be “3 to 5 percent.” (Note: not .3 to .5 percent but 3 to 5 percent.)

    The CDC, the WHO, Europes Yellow Card system, The New York Times (who was the biggest, most stomach-churning cheerleaders of terrorism-through-catastrophism the world has ever seen, the Atlantic, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, and everyone else now — only now — agree with Stanford and Danish and Swedish epidemiologists who from the beginning said (and I quote) “this virus has less than a 1 percent fatality rate.” And that 1 percent was for a very specific demographic: the elderly — for whom early treatment was available.

    The Princess Diamond cruise ship proved this in early March of 202o as well.

    Actual fatality rates overall, as we now know for certain and as the Princess Diamond showed, are, I repeat 0.1 to 0.5 percent. This, mind you, is when it’s left untreated.

    When treated, almost no one goes to the hospital and almost no one dies. Seasonal flu kills far more than so-called Covid-19 — which, by the way, is extinct. The wild virus — the original virus — is extinct. Vaccines have created the endless variants. And if you haven’t received a vaccine in 5 to 6 months, you’re unvaccinated. That’s a fact.

    Another fact: there are over 60 different effective treatment protocols for this virus.

    I among many others was shouted down for pointing this out in April of 2020.

    In fact, you almost certainly don’t know the following — because nobody does — but over 60 different effective early treatment protocols for all SARS and MERS virus, published in 2014 by none other than Anthony Stephen Fauci’s own NAIAD, were deliberately suppressed. Of those 60 different effective early treatment protocols, the chloroquine family was but a small fraction. Ivermectin, which is a powerful anti-viral in humans (which is why it won not one but two Nobel prizes for humans), was NOT included in Fauci’s 2014 list. Why? It was too new. Ivermectin won its Nobel prizes in 2015.

    Here’s a small sampling from Fauci’s NAIAD 2014 paper:

    Note also the date on the following paper (August, 2005, which was one year after the first SARS outbreak:

    This was an address Fauci delivered to Georgetown University in 2017. Please reread that date: 2017.

    What more proof does any thinking human-being need?

    Answer: none.

    But there is more:

    Do you know how Bangladesh, one of the most densely populated places on earth, kept its curve low & flat from the very beginning? I’ll let you do your own homework. But I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t any of the above. Neither was it ivermectin nor any of the 60 effective other drugs. It was a method far simpler, far less expensive, and still effectively in use. Here’s part of it:




















    And there’s even more than this: lockdowns killed far more people worldwide than they supposedly saved. Even the leftist United Nations knows this and admits it:


    Make no mistake, either. The death and destruction caused by lockdowns has not stopped. It’s just never been reported. That death and destruction continues unabated.

    I ask again — and I will keep asking until I get an answer: why so much concern for coronavirus victims without any shred of sympathy whatsoever for the astronomically greater amounts of death caused by lockdowns. Why?

    I demand an answer to this question.


    How do you justify your weepy sympathies for one and your utter callousness for the other?

    I repeat — and I urge you to process every word of the following:

    Every single thing used to justify lockdowns has not only been proven incorrect: it’s admitted to have been incorrect.

    It’s admitted in a fashion so unabashed as to be flaunting it in our faces, which is what I actually believe they’re doing. They’re performing a test to see how stupid the world actually is — how credulous — how far they can go with people still going along with them, because of course these world-leaders and bureaucrats could never be capable of such evil malfeasance.

    This mentality is so woefully misbegotten and naive that it has the power to destroy the world — and very well may. In fact, it already has.

    Please, I ask you, take a long moment to look up at your ceiling and think about all that.

    All the justifications for lockdowns are openly admitted by the CDC, the WHO, and every other major medical organization and journal as being wrong.

    C’est la vie.


    Yet from all the evidence I’ve been able to gather, with the help of my private detective friend, I do not think the death threat to me (at the beginning of this post) and to my family was precipitated by the video above, which I’ve also posted again at the end of this article.

    I believe from the evidence I’ve gathered that this particular threat was brought about by the most recent article I wrote regarding the 4th of July (full article here, not the Journal Pulp) — in particular the inarguable facts about mining which I cite in the article, which the majority of the world has not the slightest idea of, nor ever will, nor even if they did have any idea they’d never accept. And why?

    Because dogma is the deadliest thing known to the human mind, and dogma is the spell under which the overwhelming majority of humans live.

    Here now I post that most relevant part of my 4th of July article, as evidence of how absolutely unhinged the so-called left is — far more than the so-called right, which is also unhinged.

    From my recent 4th of July article:

    Clean drinking water has been a plague upon humankind for all of humankind’s history — and it still is in much of the developing world today.

    Did you know that safe drinking water systems and the infrastructure that provides them are still far beyond the reach of many poor Indian and African villages, where dysentery often spreads because the simple preventative measure of installing concrete rims around the communal drinking wells are made impossible?

    Do you know why they’re made impossible?


    They’re made impossible by a combination of internecine disagreements, poverty, and most of all first-world environmental groups who in their entrenched elitism have the unmitigated gall to imagine it’s within their power and right to keep the rest of the world in grinding poverty, which invariably results in early death and destruction — horrible death and destruction which these elitists observe from their comfortable, air-conditioned high-rise buildings and jumbo jets and yachts made largely from the mining industries they demand the abolition of.

    Did you know that the making of reliable, lasting concrete requires a great deal of mining?

    Did you know that a single wind-turbine — or “bat-and-condor Cuisinart,” as the Audubon Society accurately calls them — requires 30 thousand tons of concrete sunk deep into the earth to anchor each one of them?

    All those tons of concrete require vast amounts of mining.

    Did you know that wind-energy proponents would have us, right now in America, cover an area the size of Germany every single year with wind-turbines, despite the fact that wind power is inefficient and intermittent and requires a staggering amount of hard-core industrialized mining and fossil fuel?

    Did you know that you cannot manufacture enough energy to make wind-turbines or solar panels with the energy that wind turbines and solar panels combined generate? Not even close.

    Do you know how much heavy-duty industrial mining and manufacturing the concrete alone would require for thousands upon thousands upon thousands of wind-turbines yearly — forget all the rare-earth minerals required and everything else that goes into the batteries and other parts which compose these wind turbines — and, make no mistake, there is much, much, much else?

    If your answer is no to any or some or all of these questions, you’re not alone:

    The vast majority of people all across the planet don’t know it either — they have no idea — especially those screaming most stridently for the abolition of mining, the preponderating number of whom are academics and intellectuals — or, I should say, pseudo-academics and pseudo-intellectuals.

    Of course none of this begins to touch the topic of Neodymium, which is an environmentalist tragedy that borders, in my honest opinion, on crimes-against-humanity: environmentalist crimes-against-humanity, which creates pollution on such a colossal scale that to call it a scandal is to understate it by a factor of approximately one million.

    Neither does any of this touch upon the subject of solar cells and solar panels, the making, mass manufacturing, and maintaining of which requires mining and industry of such technical expertise and exactitude that without this expertise and exactitude there would be no such thing as solar panels.

    Nor would there be computers or computer screens or keyboards or cell-phones or satellites, which provide our cellular service and internet.

    Coming from a mining town, as I do, and a mining family, as I do, I can tell you with absolute certainty that all the jet-setting politicians, the so-called limousine liberals, the Hollywood elites, as well as the good-intentioned enviros and hippy-dippies — and I assure you I have many, many self-described hippy-dippy friends, good friends, sweet friends, whom I adore — and yet not one of them has the first idea how much mining is required for their day-to-day lives.

    I can tell you also with full authority that the jet-setting politicians and CIA-sponsored enviro groups like Greenpeace and Sierra Club and Earth First! (to name but a fraction) — all government creations, all government spooks, every single one of them, I promise you (and know it firsthand) — fabricate lies out of whole cloth, as they are also responsible for the worst environmental disasters in human history.

    It is precisely because they’re governmental — and for no reason other than this — that they’re never held accountable or liable for any of the enormous degradation and environmental disasters they create, cause, facilitate, and in many cases plan and deliberately enact.

    That, in brief, is the entire problem — just as it is the entire problem with water pollution: no one is held accountable or liable, because they’re legally protected by corrupt governmental regimes, who in many cases ratify and orchestrate these environmental disasters.

    This is one of the many dirty secrets about which you are never to know.

    The proper procedures and laws that legitimately protect and keep pristine all environments are known as tort laws, which hold polluters fully liable and fully accountable.

    Tort laws are extraordinarily effective and extraordinarily efficient in protecting environments, and in keeping those environments clean. But tort laws only work when they’re fully codified, systematized, recognized, and enforced, which is exactly what doesn’t happen under corrupt governmental regimes, such as those that now rule the world.

    Every sane person I know wants a clean environment — e.g. foresters, farmers, textile manufactures, miners, especially those workers like my father who understand their work in collaboration with their understanding that the human mind possesses boundless ingenuity, including but far from limited to replanting, reforesting, discovering new applications of old resources, finding new methods to extract and replenish — but most of all, they understand how incomprehensibly vast planet earth actually is:

    To put that into slightly clearer perspective, it’s approximately 4,000 miles from the surface to the center of the earth. The farthest down — the deepest into the earth — any oil-field driller, miner, mineralogist, geologist, government planner or human-being in history has yet been able to penetrate planet earth is not quite 7 miles.

    I ask you to pause for a long moment and let that sink it.

    Remember it the next time someone — anyone, no matter who it is — tells you “earth’s resources are being depleted faster than we knew” — or any other such unknowable stupidity.

    In this sense, the intelligent geologists and geo-physicists have long been correct: what actually exists inside the earth and composes her inner body and profoundest parts is purely theorized and as-yet unknown, as it is also so mind-bogglingly complex and immense that the majority of people simply cannot fathom its size. It’s like trying to model a solar system based on the speculated size of galaxies (plural).

    I also ask you, with all due deference once again, to take special note of the word I emphasized six paragraphs above: sane.

    I emphasize the word sane because corrupt governmental regimes, which now rule the entire world, and most of the bureaucrats who are cogs within these corrupted regimes, are the exact opposite of sane: they are insane — clinically, pathologically, dangerously insane.

    The following is another of the many dirty secrets about which you are never to know:

    Electric cars are coal-powered cars.

    I repeat: electric cars are coal-powered cars.

    To make electric cars energetic — and most especially the batteries inside these electric cars (which batteries require shocking amounts of mining to manufacture and maintain) — you have to use fossil fuel to make such cars and their batteries energetic: i.e. you have to use coal.


    In fact, though, we easily could and should replace every last bit of this coal — the vast amounts of which all so-called electric-cars require in order to be made energetic — we could and should replace this coal with nuclear energy, much as the US Navy has successfully and safely been doing with their submarines since the 1970’s (with not a single issue or mishap) and as the country of France has also successfully and safely been doing for decades (also without a single issue or mishap).

    But, as you know, environmental activists long ago won this particular propaganda war: specifically, the propaganda war they’ve waged against nuclear energy, a subject about which they have not the slightest actual understanding, and yet, even in spite of this total non-understanding that’s been successfully countered, refuted, and bunked a billion times (and counting), these same environmental propagandists have nevertheless for decades succeeded in convincing the world that nuclear energy is “dangerous,” “untenable” “full of by-products called ‘waste,’ “too expensive,” et cetera ad infinitum.

    This is precisely why environmentalists the wide world over are still so illogically, irrationally, overwhelmingly opposed to nuclear energy, though they cannot begin to articulate why they’re so vehemently opposed, because they don’t grasp the first thing about any of it but have merely absorbed — uncritically and unquestioningly — the mountains and mountains of lies and propaganda which, for over sixty years now, has been hammered relentlessly into all our heads.

    It is an irrefutable and easily provable fact that nuclear energy is clean, abundant, safe, and that the containment vessels at Three Mile Island and Fukushima, contrary to what you’ve also had hammered into your head, did exactly their job and did it well: there was no significant release of radioactivity and no deaths because of it. Yes, you read that right.


    It is also an irrefutable and easily provable fact that you cannot make nuclear weapons from nuclear energy or nuclear energy plants.

    And here’s something else about nuclear energy that you may or may not know: in addition to being clean, abundant, and safe, nuclear energy emits exactly zero carbon emissions, and there is no such thing as nuclear waste.

    Please reread that.

    Nuclear waste, so-called, is recycled and reprocessed for more nuclear energy, and any of the minuscule components that can’t be recycled and reprocessed — uraninite, for example — is simply put right back into the ground, exactly where it was found and mined, exactly where it’s safely existed for eons. It is one of earth’s myriad, beautiful, functional elements. Yes, you read that right too.

    If, therefore, CO2 emissions are of major concern to you and your family, you should immediately demand the lifting all the miles of bureaucratic red-tape, restrictions, and bans on nuclear energy. You should demand it now, today, tomorrow, and for the rest of the foreseeable future.

    The cleanliness and safety and sheer power of nuclear energy dwarfs wind, solar, hydro, and fossil fuel combined — and it does so by science-fictional, planet-sized proportions. One small human palmful of uranium, for instance, contains more potential energy than boxcars heaping full of coal.

    (If you’re interested in reading more about this important subject and the absolute truth of what I’ve just written, please see my article on I years ago sent them this article, a total unknown, totally unsolicited, and they immediately accepted it and liked it, not a word of it changed. It has at this point been read and shared by millions — many of whom are nuclear physicists and scientists, who to this day, over a decade after the article was published, write me letters of compliment. I say this as neither boast, bombast, bluster, self-promotion, or self-aggrandizement but purely as a testament to the long-known truths about nuclear energy.)

    Coal, like uranium, requires mining.

    Unlike uranium, coal requires a great deal of hard-core mining.

    My father worked as a coal miner, a uranium miner, and a hard-rock miner. Hard-rock is distinguished from what miners and geologists call “soft-rock,” such as coal and uranium.

    So please say the following aloud with me and remember it forever and never let yourself be bullied or steamrolled into believing otherwise:

    Electric cars are coal-powered cars.

    I repeat:

    Electric cars are coal-powered cars.

    Until nuclear energy replaces coal, as nuclear energy easily could and should replace it, electric cars are coal-powered cars.

    If you bother to seriously research this subject, I caution you ahead of time, be prepared: you may very well go through every one of the Five Stages of Grief, which occur when tragedy strikes or worldviews are overturned with the suddenness of a bone snap. These five stages of grief are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.

    All transportation requires mining — all of it. Strike that: all of it and more:

    If you use any of these modes of transport — aircraft, boat, car, bus, train, motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, skateboard, or segway, then you are relying on the by-products of mining for your transportation. A significant variety and quantity of minerals are required to manufacture these vehicles without even considering the fuel to power these modes of transportation. Now let’s think about the surface most of these vehicles travel on [including you if you run, walk, jog, or wog]. The roads, rails, and concrete paths — they’re only possible because mining companies mined the minerals used to make these surfaces for you. The same applies to the equipment used to control the flow of traffic and make it safe and reliable for you to travel. Mined minerals and more mined minerals.


    Your home or apartment is made mostly of minerals. The foundations of your home or apartment are made mostly of concrete and steel.

    The basic services in your home (refrigeration, water, electricity, gas) are conducted through copper and steel wires and plastic pipes. Think about that the next time you turn on a tap or flick a [plastic] light switch. Your bathrooms and kitchen are fitted out with essential and non-essential products that also contain many minerals only made possible from mining. Yes, mining provides you with the basic elements of your life — elements which most take for granted. You fill your home with all sorts of electronic gadgets to improve your quality of life. None of them are possible without mining the minerals that they are made from. Did you know that your television contains several rare-earth minerals? And your computer screens? And phone screens? And your phones, including the buttons and tabs that light up? How many of us use frying pans, pots, plates, cups, glasses, and cutlery at home? That’s right: the majority of us use these items that are made of minerals. Minerals that have been mined.


    Reader, this doesn’t even begin to tap into this subject, I do assure you of that.

    Neither does it touch upon beauty products, nor clothing, nor bedding, nor paint, nor jewelry, nor watches, nor clocks, nor medical equipment, nor office supplies, nor furniture, nor staples, nor nuts, nor bolts, nor washers, nor hammers, nor picks, nor shovels, nor garden hoes, nor chisels, paint-brushes, pencils, pens, books, and of course — of course — the most important thing of all: energy itself.

    Without the beautiful, noble industry of mining and smelting, humanity would be blasted back into the stone-age or even before.


    Yes. The truth has the power to make dogmatists want to kill not just you but your family members who don’t even agree with you.

    Truth has the power to make people threaten to put bullets into your family’s brains.

    It has the power to unhinge people to the point of death threats.

    Dogma is the thing responsible for this. It is the deadliest thing known to the human mind.

    You can read my full 4th of July article here. (WordPress, Google, and the United States Government have killed the JournalPulp, blacklisted it completely.)

    This is a snapshot of one of the Journal Pulp’s daily visitors:



    The Journal Pulp also receives regular visits from the FBI and the CIA.

    I ask you to ask yourself why do you think that is?

    Why is the US government, the FBI, and the CIA so interested in a website singlehandedly built and written by a bartender with no political standing or no political clout?

    I ask you now to ask yourself that question. The answer exist — I know what it is — and that answer will tell you everything.

    Why are feds worldwide so interested in the Journal Pulp?

    Can you guess?

    Perhaps this is part of the reason:

    Or perhaps it’s this:








    Or perhaps is this irrefutable data that no one cares about:

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