Some Things About The Covid-19 Vaccine You May Not Know
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    The covid-19 vaccines are not vaccines.

    They’re classified by the FDA as gene-transfer therapy, which means, among a multitude of other things, that the biologically active genetic material, contained inside these injections, transmits information to our cells, either through messenger RNA or adenovirus DNA.

    Gene-transfer technology comes from a failed biotech program which has been around for decades, and yet it’s only recently been repurposed into a vaccine — or, I should say, quasi-vaccine.

    Every one of these genetic platforms, meant to inoculate against the Wuhan virus, trick the body into making trillions of spike proteins, which judging from our early data has turned out to be appallingly dangerous. 

    All other vaccines that we take — myself included — expose our bodies to an attenuated (or non-biologically active) virus, and we then, in theory, form some immunity to it: tetanus shot, for example, and the tetanus protein.

    None of our vaccines prior to this one — none, I repeat — take over our body’s cellular apparatus and cause our bodies to produce a foreign protein.

    This is precisely what these current Covid vaccines do: they cause us to produce the foreign spike protein — i.e. the original Wuhan spike protein — and as research is now disturbingly beginning to show, it can and often does cause damage inside our cells.

    The spike protein can also poke through the surface of our cells, and this in turn causes our body to attack our own organs.

    Then the spike protein liberates from cells and circulates throughout the body for about 2 weeks, often damaging blood vessels, causing blood clots, and damaging key organs like the brain, the heart, the immune system, and the hematologic system.

    A study published by Rose & colleagues in the journal of public health and policy demonstrated unequivocally that the non-fatal injuries from this vaccine skews toward younger people. Remember, please, and never forget: younger people don’t need the vaccine anyway. The young are suffering the brunt of it — disgustingly, tragically, criminally.

    The CDC, though in typical political fashion carefully avoiding explicit ascription, has indeed certified that there are over 400,000 of these “events” that have happened.

    The CDC has also reported 11,000 deaths, which you can bet is a wild underreport. One CDC whistleblower has said 45,000 deaths. 

    This subject could not be more important.

    As the brain is injured, we end up with forms of paralysis, memory impairment, blindness, ear-ringing, bells palsy, paralysis from the waist down, et cetera. And some of these neurologic effects come late.

    Senator Ron Johnson held the first first press-briefing on these vaccine injuries. Recall, please, that neither the CDC nor the NIH have had a single press briefing on this, even though the CDC has certified over 400, 000 events and 11,000 deaths.

    Ron Johnson asked people to tell their stories & people were stunned to learn that the original subjects from the clinical trials had the late-emergence of these side-effects, some 9 months after the trials. The more immediate effects of myocarditis have only recently prompted the FDA to put a warning on Moderna.

    What happens here is that after the 2nd shot, within about 48 hours, the previously discussed spike protein is produced within heart muscles cells and it attracts inflammation in the heart, which then can start damaging the heart to the point of chest pain, EKG changes, signs of heart-failure (like hugely elevated troponin) — in short, a massive amount of damage to children’s hearts. About 25 percent have symptoms of heart-failure & require heart-failure meds and can have no physical activity for months and require much follow-up.

    Dr. Peter McCullough, a professor of medicine & author of 100s of peer-reviewed articles, over 40 of which are about the Wuhan virus, and also president of the Cardio-Renal Society of America, reports to the CDC being “enormously disturbed” by how many of these patients he’s seeing, and the CDC is checking and verifying his data.

    The CDC, in fact, in its vaccine-event data, reports: 2,000 children with documented myocarditis, not a single one of whom needed the vaccine to begin with.

    It is therefore no surprise that there is growing outrage over this. And there sure as hell should be. 

    People should be absolutely, irremediably outraged.

    Messenger RNA, which is made normally from human DNA, is usually used one time to produce a protein, and then it’s dissolved by what’s called RNases. But when we have viral sources of RNA or when we make synthetic messenger RNA, which is what Pfizer/Moderna make, they’re modified in a way to resist destruction. Scientists think they’re used over and over again, and that this is why they produce such high levels of spike-protein antibody response. They already knew, from other disease platforms, that these particular messenger RNA are long-lasting in the body: months and months.

    In a recent paper by Dr. Anthony Kyriakopoulos, of Athens, Greece, he demonstrates that these messenger RNA’s are indeed incompatible with cellular activity — specifically, they change the thermodynamics of cells, and the cells are not meant to handle yet another piece of messenger RNA over and over again, and that if they stay in the cells long enough and the caps become modified, it’s possible they can be reverse-transcribed.

    This means that from messenger RNA we can actually have a piece of DNA put in, and that DNA then gets put into into our chromosomal DNA. We already know that this does happen with other forms of RNA, like retro-viruses. The concern among many docs and scientists is in the fact that the human body has a library of non-human DNA in our chromosomes, called the HERV library, and there is real concern that these forms of genetic treatments will indeed be gene-transferred, because they were designed to be gene-transfer products to begin with, and that we will actually get some genetic material permanently transcribed into our chromosomes.

    Some antigen-based vaccines are coming very soon — the ones that function like a tetanus booster and which involve no genetic manipulation of the human body.

    It’s worth reiterating that we’re almost seven months into the largest mass-vaccination program ever, and our agencies have yet to have a press briefing on product safety.

    Also, monoclonal antibody therapy infusion, which has been around for about a year, is a safe and incredibly effective early treatment that people know almost nothing about. In my opinion, this is one of the jaw-dropping and perhaps revealing things about this past year and half: almost nobody knows about this and many other effective early-treatment protocols. Indeed, one of the great lies that the entire world has been fed is that it’s either mass vaccination or nothing. That is flatly false. 

    For this current vaccine — i.e. Gene Transfer injection — a mortality signal emerged Jan 22: 186 deaths in this program. Normal vaccines average over the course of a year about 150 deaths, with 70 vaccines and 500 million shots. 

    So many deaths that early on is, under normal circumstances, totally unacceptable. Under normal circumstances, a data-safety monitoring board would have shut this down by February.

    In this case, no such board existed, nor does one even even now, after such alarming numbers.

    It is an act of pure malfeasance that our CDC and FDA don’t have anything like this for the current program, and there is no oversight of safety whatsoever. It doesn’t even require a doctor’s prescription to get one of these vaccines.

    I am, of course, well aware that my position here is easily dismissed, ridiculed, and marginalized into oblivion — the easily ignored dithyrambic of an anti-vaxxer — except for one problem: I am not nor have ever been an anti-vaxxer and I can prove it easily.

    What all human beings on the planet need to realize and fully grasp is that nothing remotely like this has ever been done. Ever.

    The pure blind panic and fear created over a virus that can be safely and effectively treated (often at home) and which even untreated kills less than 0.5 of the population — and a very specific demographic, at that — has allowed this nightmarish scenario to not only unfold but to unfold with overwhelming fanfare.

    You need not take my word for it:

    Quoting from a very recent interview by Dr. Zelenk, MD, who successfully treated Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, among many others, for the Wuhan virus:

    Regarding children, the only reason you’d treat children with this vaccine is if you believe in child-sacrifice. Otherwise, there’s no necessity.

    Any therapy must ask and answer these three questions: is it safe? does it work? does the person need it?

    The CDC shows the Covid survival rate in children (under 18) is 99.9998 percent. The regular influenza is far worse. If you have a demographic with no risk from dying, why would you inject them with a potentially deadly disease?

    The countries with the highest vaccination rates in the world are Israel and Seychelles — both over 80 percent vaccinated, and yet both countries are experiencing a Delta variant outbreak. Let me ask you: If the majority of a country’s population is vaccinated, why is that country still having an outbreak?

    And why would you then give a third shot when the first two haven’t worked?

    There are three levels of safety and death that must be analyzed: acute, sub-acute, and longterm.

    The single biggest acute risk is blood clots, this according to the Salk Institute. Why is this so? Also according to the Salk Institute, after injection of the vaccine, the body produces a million spiked cells — basically like little thorns going through your bloodstream. As blood cells flow through it, they get damaged and they cause blood clots. In the heart, this causes heart attack. In the brain, stroke. This happens usually within the first three days.

    The other major problem is that these spike cells cause inflammation — i.e.myocarditis — in young people.

    But the most disturbing problem of all — and this according to the New England Journal of Medicine, their preliminary data — is the miscarriage rate when a woman gets vaccinated in her first trimester, her miscarry rate goes from 10 percent to 80 percent.

    I want you to process and understand what I just said: the miscarriage rate when women get vaccinated in the first trimester goes up by a factor of eight. This data may change — it may increase or decrease (I suspect increase) — but that is where it stands right now, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

    Yet for all this, these are in many ways the smallest of problems concerning the vaccine.

    In the limited animal studies that have now been done, we see that animals respond well to engendering antibodies but when they were challenged with the virus they were immunized against, a very large percentage of them die. When this was investigated, it was found that their immune system killed them. This is called Antibody-Dependent Enhancement [remember that phrase], or pathogenic priming. The main point to pay attention to is that a lot of these animals died. You can make the argument that humans are different. Well, maybe. But probably not. Those studies, in any case, have not been done. You are the study. As the CEO of Pfizer said:

    “Israel is the biggest laboratory in the world right now.”

    Long-term studies to rule out risk have not been done.

    Dr. Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of HIV, has said that “this vaccine is the biggest risk to the genocide of humanity in all of human history.”

    Dr. Luc Montagnier also said this:

    “It is the antibodies produced by the virus that enable the infection to become stronger. It is what we call antibody-dependent enhancement, which means antibodies favour a certain infection. It is clear that the new variants are created by antibody-mediated selection due to the vaccination.”

    Here is another doctor and immunologist with a devastating analysis of the subject.

    And watch the following interview — click the gear icon on the video player and speed it up to get through the material faster. I learned about this interview from an articulate writer named Charles Epstein, very smart and philosophical, a little hippy-dippy like many of my friends, and a left-winger by any standard imaginable, who is as alarmed as I am by the sheer scope and magnitude of this groupthink:

    And another:

    (It’s worth noting that YouTube and Vimeo have taken down all these videos.)

    As I recently wrote on another platform:

    You cannot say that a drug, which has been approved for 65 years — FDA approved and with one of the most proven safety records of any drug in human history — you cannot, I repeat, suddenly say that that drug is “unsafe,” but that a new drug which didn’t exist a year ago without ANY long-term animal studies or safety studies, is, however, “safe.” This is a total subversion of language. There simply have not been long-term safety studies conducted on this vaccination. That is an absolute, irrefutable fact. You know why it’s irrefutable? It is too new to have had the time to conduct normal safety studies. It is for this reason quite simply unknown precisely what, if any, long-term effects this vaccination might have. This is also a clue for anyone with a remotely critical mind that what the world is being told is not exactly accurate.

    The data that America’s frontline scientists and doctors use, in terms of safety, is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, also known as VAERS, which is part of the CDC. When you look at VAERS, the number of people who are having adverse side-effects from this vaccine is unequivocally off-the-charts. That, I repeat, is the government’s own database.

    Never before in world history has a drug been rolled out to hundreds of millions of people with such a paucity of long-term safety studies. Never. There is nothing even close to a precedent for this.

    For this reason — and especially considering that Covid-19 Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Infusion is extremely effective and has been around for a year (ask yourself why you’ve not heard about it) — people are, I will argue and debate anybody, correct to be hesitant, especially when their children are at issue.

    Don’t be bullied into believing something that isn’t true. Sheer numbers and groupthink do not determine truth. Ever.

    There are safe effective treatments for the Wuhan virus and there have been for some time, and I’m not referring to the vaccine.

    Here is one other fact: this vaccine has caused organ damage and death in many human beings, especially children.

    The question thus becomes: what is the greater risk? The Wuhan virus or the vaccine?

    The answer to that is not as straightforward as many make it out to be — and for one reason above all others: because the data is not complete.

    I say to you again: the data is not complete.

    Like all issues, this issue is epistemological, as this crisis has from the very beginning been an epistemic crisis.

    No long term studies have been conducted because there has not been time.

    I repeat: I am not an anti-vaxxer. I get flu shots and tetanus shots and so on.

    This vaccine is different.

    This vaccine transfers information into our cells, via messenger RNA or adenovirus DNA.

    Gene Transfer technology comes from a failed biotechnology program which has been around for decades. Gene Transfer technology has been repurposed to be a vaccine — specifically by tricking the body into making the dangerous spike protein.

    This entire premise is dicey, to say the least of it.

    All other vaccines we might (voluntarily) take — myself included — expose us to something and we then develop a certain immunity to it, like tetanus protein for a tetanus shot. (For the Wuhan virus, there is, incidentally, one of these on the horizon, probably this year.)

    None of our vaccines prior to this one — none, I repeat — have ever operated by taking over our body’s cellular apparatus, causing our bodies to produce a foreign protein thereby.

    It is uncontroversial and it is proven that in an alarmingly large number of people, this is causing damage: in many people — too many — it is causing the body to attack its own organs.

    This, in short, is not the slamdunk it’s being made out to be by billions of people, and it is a subject about which rational people can legitimately disagree.

    Yes, I said it. It is a subject about which rational people can legitimately disagree.

    I will keep reiterating this:

    There have been no long-term safety studies or animal studies on this vaccine because it is too new and it was rolled out to hundreds of millions in record time, and the early results of adverse effects are huge: more than all vaccines of the last thirty years combined.

    I have still more for you:


    It was recently published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice & Research, and its chief author was an MIT scientist named Dr. Stephanie Seneff.

    “The virus itself was not properly isolated,” as Dr. Stephanie Seneff writes, and so tests to confirm the virus are at best inconclusive.

    At worse, they are catastrophic.

    This MIT report notes that it normally takes about 12.5 years to develop and bring a vaccine to market.

    Please read that again.

    Furthermore, most vaccines only have a 5% chance of making it through Phase II trials and in the end a vaccine has a 2% probability of success. The mass panic Covid created also caused health authorities to throw away normal safeguards. The world is now fabricating safety data as it attempts to vaccinate the entire human population on earth with a failed Gene Transfer technology — not the normal vaccination methods used for everything from seasonal flu to tetanus to everything in between.

    This is something totally new in human vaccination. Totally. That is a fact.

    And this vaccine has a far worse safety profile than any prior vaccine in human history. That is also a fact.

    The Seneff report gets ahead of the mass vaccination program now underway and theorizes what kind of problems may lie ahead. Some of the problems that Dr. Seneff noted in the report were spike protein shedding, transmission of the spike protein from a vaccinated to an unvaccinated person, and finally the debate over whether or not RNA vaccines could reverse into DNA to be transmitted to future generations.

    The latter problem would be of great concern because it means there would be trans generational transmission.

    This Covid-19 RNA vaccine is only the first of many that vaccine companies intend to introduce. The idea of permanently immunizing billions of people via genetics, to create immunity with a vaccine that is so cheap and easy to produce, is a vaccine manufacturer’s dream. The startling incongruity is that this is not the current experience. New boosters are being needed for each and every strain of Coronavirus, suggesting these RNA vaccines only provide a very narrow window of protection, requiring boosters on top of boosters.

    Another problem the Seneff MIT report calls to attention is that the RNA has to be converted into protein. Gene-derived protein is what produces the disease. The specific protein that is produced is spike protein, which needs to be presented to healthy cells to facilitate entry of viruses.

    Researchers think the likely scenario is that the spike protein is produced in muscle cells and then handed over to white blood cells known as macrophages. However other investigators believe the RNA is being released from the deltoid muscle in the shoulder directly into the blood circulation. Then 40 trillion RNA particles would then enter the cells lining the arteries and abnormally produce spike protein. This would then attract antibodies, white blood cells and blood platelets, which often results in blood clots, particularly in small arteries.

    Seneff also writes: “Disturbingly, RNA particles can be detected in the brain following injection at about 2% of the level found in blood plasma.”

    Developers of RNA vaccines discovered that the immune response that occurred following vaccination is too severe as excessively high levels of interferon are produced.

    I remind readers that the first crude RNA vaccines killed all the lab animals. All of them.

    In response to this, vaccinologists replaced one of the nucleotides (steps on DNA ladders) in the RNA sequence with a pseudo-nucleotide which reduces its lethality, as Dr. Seneff notes. This resulted in incomplete immunization and fosters the problem of antibody dependent enhancement, which is very likely the reason we’re seeing all these variants crop up.

    These RNA vaccines now inherently foster a dreaded problem – – antibody dependent enhancement (ADE).

    Dr. Seneff explains ADE occurs when non-neutralizing levels of antibodies against a virus are present at the time of infection. Upon reinfection antibodies would be insufficient to neutralize the virus but nevertheless bind to the virus. These weak antibodies then would facilitate viral entry into the cell. ADE is believed to occur in Dengue fever, Ebola and zika virus vaccination. So, ADE is a real phenomenon not exclusive to Covid-19, writes Dr. Seneff. “Booster shots now being developed by US vaccine manufacturers could trigger an ADE reaction. Time will tell,” writes Dr. Seneff.

    This is also vitally important to note:

    Dr. Seneff is quick to point out, it is not possible to distinguish ADE from true non-ADE reactions when infections and deaths occur shortly after vaccination. It can never be definitively determined that the vaccine reaction was not the cause.

    The Seneff paper also addresses vaccine adjuvants, which is another crucial component to all this.

    Adjuvants are additives to vaccines intended to provoke a stronger immune response. For example, alum and other aluminum compounds are commonly used in traditional vaccines but are highly problematic.

    In the current RNA vaccines, the adjuvant is polyethylene glycol, or PEG. Some allergies following RNA vaccination are believed to be caused by the PEG. Small doses of PEG can lead to dramatic pathological immune activation which includes a phenomenon known as “complement,” which is believed to be responsible for the anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) and cardiovascular collapse that is being reported.

    One study cited in the Seneff paper reports 42% of blood samples contained anti-PEG antibodies. This means adverse events are possible. Another research study found anti-PEG antibodies were prevalent in up to 72% of inoculated patients. While rare, anaphylaxis a potentially life-threatening event. One researcher describes PEG as a “high risk hidden allergen.”Anaphylaxis-Severe Allergic ReactionsAnaphylactic (severe allergic) reactions to RNA vaccines have been widely reported in the news media and frequently reported in the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database. Anaphylaxis to vaccines prior to these Covid-19 vaccines were reported in 2 cases per million vaccinations, while the current rate for Covid-19 RNA vaccines is more than 11 cases per million. Even more startling, a study of 64,900 patients found 2.1% (2 in 100) reported acute allergic reactions. A more alarming fact is that a severe anaphylactic reaction occurs among 247 per 1-million which is 21 times as many as were initially reported by the CDC.

    Autoimmune Reactions

    Another growing concern is autoimmunity as a consequence of Covid-19. There are many reports of previously healthy individuals who developed body-against-us diseases such as idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and Guillain-Barre syndrome following vaccination after vaccination, notes Dr. Seneff.

    Vaccine shedding is of concern and has been discussed in many news reports. Though difficult to believe, researchers say there is a plausible explanation for vaccine shedding via the release of exosomes. One investigator says it is not impossible to imagine that vaccine particles are being released from the lungs and inhaled by a nearby person.When RNA Reverses To DNAIt has been claimed that RNA-based vaccines are safer than DNA vaccines that work by incorporating the genetic code for antigens into a DNA virus because the RNA cannot be inadvertently incorporated into the human genome housed in the nucleus of cells.The classic model DNA –> RNA –> protein is now known to be false, states Dr. Seneff. It is now indisputable that there is a larger class of viruses that are called retroviruses that in turn, reverse transcribe RNA back into DNA, Dr. Seneff warns.

    The enzyme reverse transcriptase facilitates this single-stranded RNA to double-stranded DNA process. The RNA in the new Covid-19 vaccines could also get passed on from generation to generation which has far reaching implications. The only hope at this point would be to habitually utilize an inhibitor of reverse transcriptase enzyme such as the red wine molecule resveratrol.There is concern that RNA in RNA vaccines could be transferred into the human genome (library of genes) with assistance from retro viruses. Researchers from MIT and Harvard published a disturbing paper in 2021, showing strong evidence that Covid-19 RNA can be reverse transcribed into DNA and subsequently integrated into human DNA. The legal implications of this are beyond comprehension.

    Potentially Catastrophic Consequences

    Experimental RNA vaccines, while “having been heralded for their potential benefits, they also harbor the possibility of potentially tragic and even catastrophic unforeseen consequences,” writes Dr. Seneff. These concerns are potentially serious and might not be evident for years or even many generations, she says.

    The stakes have never been higher.

    An experimental RNA vaccine is being injected into billions of people. Given the genetic nature of these vaccines, the masses will have to live with the consequences for the remainder of their lives. One vaccine manufacturer has already withdrawn their RNA vaccine from India. RNA vaccines won’t be the first to gain FDA approval and then face later withdrawal. The question is, will anybody be left alive or unmaimed at that point?

    I implore all readers, no matter what you think of me or vaccines or the Wuhan virus or anything, I implore you to recognize that this has never been done in all of human history. Nothing even close. Please consider that one fact. All traditional long-term safety tests, measures, and protocols were thrown out the window because of mass panic. A vaccine, which comes from a failed biotech program known as Gene Transfer Treatment, was then rolled out in record time and injected into hundreds of millions of people before any long-term safety studies had sufficient time to be conducted.

    Dr. Stephanie Seneff and her colleagues who wrote this report are not right-wingers.They are scientists who are very, very, very concerned — and for a good reason.

    This issue is non-partisan.

    Don’t be bullied by anyone into believing something for which there is no good data.

    Read widely. Question everything. Question even deeper anything that comes out of the mouths of bureaucrats and politicians. And remember “thirteen days to stop the spread” which turned into over a year. It is not trivial. Please don’t ever forget it.

    Think for yourselves.

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