“If Vaccines Work, Why Aren’t They Working?”
  • Popular American comedian, podcaster, and UFC commentator Joe Rogan announces he has COVID-19: credits ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, azithromycin and other medicine for his quick recovery:

    “A wonderful heartfelt thank you to modern medicine for pulling me out of this so quickly.”

    There is now nothing about Gene Transfer Therapy vaccines to recommend them over early treatment protocols.

    Gene Transfer injections are, according to the CDC’s own data, harming people in alarming numbers, with no good knowledge among anyone of possible longterm effects — one year, three years, five years, ten years away into the future.

    Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is better known as “Mad Cow disease.” It’s caused by a misfolded protein called a prion. These Gene Transfer injections create misfolded proteins.

    These Gene Transfer injections also to some extent appear to nullify the natural immunity that develops from previous Covid exposure, whether the person exposed was symptomatic or not — natural immunity, please note, which is far superior to the purported vaccine-induced immunity that in actuality is proving not very effective at all, with huge breakthrough numbers in the places and populations most vaccinated.

    When you factor into this as well the terrifying fact that these experimental vaccines are driving new variants at an astonishing speed and may very soon select for a new strain which is completely resistant and more deadly than all the others, this issue is a landslide.

    The mutated Wuhan virus can be more safely and more effectively treated and even stopped with proven early-treatment protocols than with any of the experimental Gene Transfer platforms, the longterm side-effects of which nobody knows because none of these Gene Transfer platforms were give nearly enough time to test, measure, observe, and study.

    Even Anthony Fauci, who along with a great many other bureaucrats across the world has approximately as much blood on his hands as Joseph Mengele and yet who’s hailed as hero by so many, admitted on August 24 of this year (2021) that “Monoclonal Antibody treatment reduces death and hospitalization by 85 percent.”

    The obvious question: what the fuck took you fucking fucks so long?

    Monoclonal Antibody treatment has been available and has been used successfullyby many good doctors — for well over a year.

    In fact one of the greatest crimes that has been committed — by Fauci and many others — is the deliberate suppression of these effective early-treatment protocols, and because of which suppression, many, many, many people, including innocent people who never had the Wuhan virus and who are now sickeningly regarded as “collateral damage,” have died.

    This is just one of countless components to this entire deadly farce which proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the sub-humans in charge deliberately allowed individual human beings, all ages, races, sexes, genders, and more, to die in favor of pushing and prolonging a pandemic and heightening the collective fear to instill deeper indoctrination.

    I want all readers to observe now a real and remarkable phenomena about the spread of state coercion and totalitarianism, which we’re seeing move across so much of the world in real-time — a phenomena not as easily seen when studying it through the lens of history, even if it’s well-written and scrupulous history. That phenomena is this:

    Totalitarianism happens because it is welcomed by many.

    This is the phenomena I’m speaking of:

    Jordan Schachtel is an excellent independent journalist whose work I’ve admired for a long time. His article here is a trenchant and frighteningly insightful analysis of what’s happening. Click the picture to read the article in full.

    The truth is that it’s easy to talk retrospectively about, for example, the atrocities of the Nazis and of Mussolini’s regime, but it’s not nearly as easy to show people, through the dry factual data of history, how popular these governments actually were among the individual citizens. They were supported and even loved by most of the populous.

    Neither is it a simple matter to show through the dry factual data of history upon what specific philosophical-politico-economic ideas and ideologies these governments were constructed. (Mussolini and Hitler both loathed laissez-faire, and the notion of free-markets and voluntary exchange were absolutely anathematized by all of them, just as they’re anathematized by the vast majority today.)

    People only see the end results after a period of decades or even centuries have passed, and depending a great deal also on the outcome of whatever given political policies enacted since and on the outcomes of war.

    Mao Tse Tung, for instance, is, in terms of sheer numbers of individual human lives killed, inarguably one of the most murderous tyrants in all of world history — inarguably, I say again — and yet he’s still, right up into this present moment, held in very high-esteem by many, many “reputable” people all across the world, like Noam Chomsky, Anita Dunn ,and Bill Ayers, both of whom, those latter two, are Barack Obama’s friends and colleagues.

    This California teacher was just exposed, to the totally justified outrage of a great number of parents, for indoctrinating (and that is not too strong of a word for it in this context) the mind’s of young students with explicitly Maoist dogma.

    New Zealand and Australia, which less than two years ago were essentially free societies — standard-procedure welfare-state societies, to be sure, with compromised premises and compromised principles (a significant fact, incidentally, insofar as once a principle is breached, there’s no longer any way left to properly defend freedom, and bad principles, one must never forget, always drive out good, as Gresham’s Law states) — both of these countries are now far closer to full-fledged police states than they are to free societies.

    If humankind is ever to organize into societies that fully value and fully secure individual human freedom, which is voluntary exchange and voluntary association — there is no kind of freedom other than the kind that voluntary exchange brings about — here’s the crucial thing that must be observed and learned from:

    A great many people right now in both New Zealand and also Australia want these police states.

    They explicitly choose it over freedom.

    In the name of “Zero Covid,” many individual people — though not all — in New Zealand and Australia prefer to cede the individual freedoms of everyone, not just themselves, in the name of what in actuality is not possible: zero covid.

    The bureaucrats and politicians currently in power are the personnel that carry out the desires of the majority or near majority.

    I use the phrase “near majority” because it’s often difficult to say if it’s actually a “majority” that wants it in every separate society. And as a matter of fact, a lot does hinge on this question — because in many ways the battle now, in those two countries and in many other countries as well, including the United States, is a numerical battle of individual people and which desire among these individual people, freedom or state coercion, is most deeply held: is it freedom or all-around government regimentation that the majority wants?

    This all-around government regimentation, please note, is now ostensibly to mass vaccinate against a virus, which, as many good scientists (including CDC scientists) have publicly stated, was bio-engineered and funded by Fauci with American taxpayer money. This is a very serious crime and an outrage and must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    Also note that even when untreated this bioengineered virus kills between 0.1% and 0.5% of a specific demographic. When treated, with safe, inexpensive, well-known early-treatment protocols, kills almost no one — certainly far less than the regular seasonal flu.

    Notice also that it is presupposed in full, without any questioning, among those on the side of state coercion and all-around government regimentation that a free people acting voluntarily and consensually cannot succeed in defeating this virus. This is not even a consideration among purveyors of force and coercion. (Sweden and a handful of other places go a long way in disproving this premise, but its full validation is found in politico-economic-moral philosophy.)

    Note also that if in any given country the majority does win out and that majority is in support of all-around government regimentation, everyone else, even if they strongly disagree, must thereafter obey the new laws and edicts, or be punished and quite possibly imprisoned.

    This is critical to note because it is a perfect illustration of the sheer danger and disastrous premise of “democracy” in action — democracy in the sense of Vox Populi, or majority rule.

    Democracy killed Socrates.

    Democracy killed Hypatia.

    Democracy killed Jesus.

    Under Vox-Populi democracy, the rights of the individual are not inalienable after all but can be legitimately voted away.

    This is precisely why the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Romans and the philosophical architects of the American Constitution, among many other smart people, had no love at all for democracy and explicitly, emphatically rejected it.

    It’s also why America is, in Ben Franklin’s words, “a Constitutional Republic”: because rights are inalienable.

    Rights are either legally recognized and fully protected or they are not. If they are not, it is wrong. It is an injustice.

    The word “justice” and the word “rights” are etymologically related: both derive from the Ancient Roman word jus, which means “what is right.”

    Please note also that the thing which precipitated all this, from the very beginning, and is now still fully driving it — the dire spread of Covid-19 — has long-ago become among citizens and politicians alike, those calling for greater state control and state coercion, an absolute given: an unquestioned and unquestionable fact.

    Nothing but state coercion, in other words, and mass vaccination with an experimental genetic injection can, they would have us all believe, stop this bioengineered virus.

    This is also known as a dogma.

    Please observe the sheer mindless danger in this.

    Even my discussing it in this way is, according to many true-believers, an ignorant and potentially deadly exercise of free thought and free speech — and even worse: it’s something that should not even be considered even in the privacy of one’s own mind because the actual facts of the matter, these dogmatic true-believers believe, is something too established and true to ever need examining.

    This mindset is what leads to so-called “thought-crimes” and Stalinist purges and Gulags and concentration camps and Spanish Inquisitions and Sharia Law and mass exterminations and on and on.

    That is dogma-in-action.

    Dogma is deadly.

    Dogma is death.

    Dogma is that which, no matter the amount of counter data or newly observed facts or observational information or knowledge, is regarded beyond all further investigation or consideration. To engage in any further consideration is, therefore, it is held, heretical and even blasphemous and in many cases punishable by law.

    Please observe also that the Wuhan virus which has come to be called “Covid-19” would have long ago ended and it can still be ended, in very rapid fashion, with many, many proven, safe, inexpensive, and effective early-treatment protocols — protocols far more effective than experimental gene transfer platforms repurposed into vaccines and which were never tested for longterm consequences — but that this is and has long been beside the point.

    That is the horror of dogma.

    The Covid dogma has now shifted to an all-or-nothing premise: mass vaccination with an experimental Gene Transfer platform, or viral apocalypse. The very idea of early treatment, no matter how effective, is not even part of the equation.

    Observe also how this has shifted over the past year and half: from a deadly viral pandemic to mass vaccination with a genetic injection — completely removed now from originally eradicating the Wuhan virus for the ultimate sake and goal of human health, happiness, freedom, and a return to normal life. That has been replaced with the presentation of two and only two sides: all-around state regimentation and mass genetic injections, or unvaccinated people running amok and heartlessly killing others.

    It goes without saying that this is a false dichotomy — which is an old and sophomoric logical fallacy — but that is actually not my main point here.

    My main point here is to ask all readers to closely observe the phenomena unreeling now in actual time.

    Observe how it’s playing out.

    This is without any doubt the modern-day equivalent of, for example, the National Socialist Party of Germany, under the leadership of Adolph Hitler and very popular among the majority of Germans for a long time, though the form is different. Yet the principle remains precisely the same.

    It’s easy for all of us to say now that we would have hid Anne Frank from the Nazis. Who wouldn’t?

    But what about this: would you hide an unvaccinated woman, whose daughter had developed a potentially fatal myocarditis from an experimental and not-fully-tested Gene Transfer injection that this child didn’t even need, would you hide this unvaccinated woman today from the government if that same government came to forcibly take this unvaccinated woman away and place her against her will into a “benign” camp for the unvaccinated?

    It’s a little different question, isn’t it?

    Except it isn’t.

    It’s the exact same question. Only the specifics are different. The principles are precisely the same.

    It’s worth noting also that a sickening number of people on social media are unabashedly calling for “anti-vaxxers” and the “unvaxxed” to die.

    Totalitarianism and the rise of authoritarianism also happens as much through apathy and passive acceptance — even if a given person doesn’t really agree with the orthodox dogma or party-line and yet doesn’t have the energy or time or a strong enough desire to rise up and take an explicit stand against it. This is as much a factor as zealous blind adherence to the orthodox dogma.

    There’s one other vital thing that needs to be highlighted and emphasized about authoritarianism and totalitarianism, and how tyranny comes to be entrenched in a society:

    None of it can succeed or function or achieve its goals without a relentless and massive propaganda machine behind it.

    This and nothing else is how authoritarianism and totalitarianism wins and then retains a majority of supporters.

    The importance of propaganda in any authoritarian rule cannot be emphasized too strongly.

    Even today, Communist China and North Korea, both of which have such relentless strangleholds upon the individual lives of its citizenry, both must nonetheless maintain and devote a colossal section of their governments solely to the department of propaganda. This is not speculation. Propaganda is absolutely vital in keeping the majority or near majority of people believing enough (even if they have some qualms and complaints) in the official party-line dogma. Because without it, even the most tyrannical government is in danger of uprising and revolt. Indeed, even with this immense propaganda machine working day and night, China still has deep unrest, and the Hong Kong riots showed this; even more the Tiananamen Square protests, which most people don’t know actually occurred in several major cities across China.

    All tyrannies necessarily rely upon the obedience of the majority or the near-majority of their populations.

    I ask all readers to never forget this, nor underestimate its importance.

    Please observe also the sheer number of media outlets now, across the entire world — from YouTube and Vimeo and Facebook and Twitter, to the New York Times and Washington Post and Los Angelas Times ad infinitum to virtually all major television news broadcasts everywhere and much more — that all explicitly push the party-line Covid dogma. Even mentioning successful early-treatment protocols, for instance, is on most digital platforms flagged, removed, ridiculed, traduced, maligned, misrepresented. That is propaganda.

    Propaganda relies upon and even requires the suppression of open-inquiry. This is why I’ve said so many times over the years and will keep saying until the day I die that any call to shut down open inquiry — no matter the terminology used (i.e. “the debate is over”) — any call, I repeat, to shut down open inquiry is wrong. It is the wrong methodology, and it is a dead giveaway that whoever is advocating it stands on the wrong side of the issue. This is an infallible measure and gauge: any side calling for the suppression or abolition of open inquiry is the incorrect side.

    Every time.

    It is axiomatic.

    You can always know the side that’s in the wrong by this one thing alone: their stance on open inquiry and the free exchange of ideas.

    There is also, however, a danger of propaganda going too far, at which point the majority might, even in spite of a deep adherence to a given dogma, starts to see through it and begin to question and wonder.

    This is a well-known risk and major risk-factor among all ministers of propaganda. Joseph Goebbles, for instance, talked about striking this balance.

    It’s also why free-thinking and free-speech and freedom in general are so strictly forbidden in any totalitarian regime: because ideas create dissidents.

    As I’ve written before, in a chapter of my book The Art of Independent Thinking:

    Politico-economic policies are always and only the result — never the cause — of a long sequence of ethical and epistemological ideas, which are in turn the result of metaphysical ideas. Yet it is politico-economic policies which for each individual human being possesses the most destructive — or beneficial — potential.

    Political power is the power to shape human action.

    Since all human action is preceded by thought, the one who is politically powerful is so because her political might and influence is ultimately sourced in the power of ideas.

    It is ideas only that can confer upon a person the enduring power to influence the choices and actions of others —enduring, I say, because one can become a lasting leader of other human beings only if one is supported by ideas the acceptance of which makes other people willing to be led.

    This point is of vital significance.

    Power is for this reason not ultimately a physical thing but a moral-philosophical phenomena, which rests upon the subject’s sanction: the sanction, specifically, of the ideology held by the person or people in power.

    It is the distinguishing characteristic of the state to apply coercion, even to the point of imprisonment and violence (or its threat) against those who are neither willing to accept state-mandated decrees nor to act voluntarily in obeying them. Yet observe that even this physical oppression and violence, or its mere threat, is no less founded upon the power of ideas, insofar as she or he who advocates the application of violence needs the voluntary cooperation of at least some people, since a ruler can never rule by means of physical violence alone, but needs the ideological support of some group in order to subdue other groups — or, to put that another way:

    The despot must have a group of partisans who of their own accord obey the despot’s dictates. This obedience and support is the thing that provides the despot with the necessary means by which she or he is able to rule others. Whether the despot’s sway is long-lasting or short-lived depends entirely on the numerical relation of those who voluntarily support the despotism and those who do not.

    “Though a tyrant may temporarily rule through a minority if this minority holds superior arms and methods of force over the majority, in the long run a minority cannot keep the majority in subservience. The oppressed will rise up in rebellion and cast off the yoke of tyranny. Any system of government that would endure must therefore construct itself upon a system of ideas accepted by the majority” (Human Action, Ludwig von Mises, 1949).

    Thus are moral-ideological forces the true forces that form the foundation of government and bequeath to rulers their legal power and sanction: the sanction and power to use force and violence against any renegade individuals or dissident minority-groups made up of renegade individuals.

    It is for this precise reason also that the deterioration of independent thought and its corollary — the deterioration of the critical faculty — is among the most serious threats to true civilization, making it, in addition to everything else, horrifyingly simple for people in positions of power to convince people of outright falsehoods.

    This is the reason we see people on both so-called sides of the aisle now sincerely believe it when they’re told that they can only be free if they relinquish their freedom — economic freedom first and foremost of all — in one form or another, whether it be in the name of “privilege,” God, equality, the environment, SARS-CoV2, or some other equally fallacious thing, including the known, as well as the yet-to-be invented. The specifics are ultimately immaterial.

    The logical elaboration of this ideology is that if people willingly cede their freedoms — putting more power into the hands of political elites and bureaucrats thereby, all of whom know better than we ourselves, as individuals, how best to conduct our lives and our affairs — we will, at last, only then contribute more fully and ably to that vaguely defined entity known as the “common good.”

    Whiskey Wisdom, The Art of Independent Thinking, Chapter 10: THE ONE WHO SPENDS HER LIFE EDUCATING HERSELF

    The Reichstag fire on February 27, 1933, in Germany was, it is now known, entirely manufactured and fabricated as a way for Hitler to gain deeper control. It worked. The overwhelming number of German people had no conception and would not have ever believed it if you told them that it was all fabricated and deliberately created.

    The same is true of many things, of course — so many it would be impossible to list them all.

    In a truly free society, the Wuhan virus wouldn’t have been more than a blip — maybe a big blip, like the Hong Kong flu of 1968 — but long gone by now. How do I know this?

    For one thing, because many autopsies have revealed that the Wuhan virus was in America as early as autumn of 2019 — i.e. as early as a half year before late March of 2020, when the official propaganda campaign was formally set into motion, in a stupefying and criminal act of outright government takeover of private businesses and private lives: “fifteen days to stop the spread,” which of course turned into many, many months and counting and now with no end in sight.

    If the Wuhan virus were remotely as contagious and as lethal as we’ve been told, that virus in six months time, without any precautionary measures, vaccines, lockdowns, so-called social distancing or masks, or anything else, would have burned a swath across North America and then burned itself out. That is an epidemiological fact. It’s called Farr’s Law.

    The Diamond Princess cruise ship also testifies to the true and accurate contagiousness and lethality of the Wuhan virus, as the excellent and brilliant and uncompromising Dr. John Ioannidis, of Stanford University, a true independent thinker and hero throughout all this, revealed to the world a year and a half ago, though the majority of the world did not see or listen to him, and the majority of the world is still ignoring him.

    The real truth is that if it weren’t for the deliberate fear-campaign created and stoked by the Chinese government and the World Health Organization (WHO) which is its puppet, as former WHO employee and whistleblower Astrid Stuckleberger has revealed to all the world, most of whom also have not listened to her, and in response to which so many countries of the world went all in complicitly, the Wuhan virus would have come and gone — a slightly more serious flu than most seasons, perhaps, but easily and effectively treated with any number of good, safe, inexpensive early-treatment protocols.

    Now, instead, the world is facing mass totalitarianism unlike never before, along with state-mandated genetic injections indefinitely and the obliteration of individual freedom and individual rights on a widespread scale, and all this is largely supported by means of the greatest and most concentrated propaganda campaign of all-time, which, however, has overplayed its hand significantly.

    This is why I sincerely believe it is not too late.

    In many ways, the propagandists are losing — losing ground. Some of these people communicate with me, and the depth of the absurdity here, as well as the absolutely untenability of the mainstream Covid dogma — including most shockingly the greatest breach of medical ethics in known human history and the ghastly spectacle of death and harm that these experimental Gene Transfer platforms are causing and which can no longer be easily ignored or dismissed — it’s showing itself even to many true-believers as, to use their word, “unsustainable.”

    Reader, it is absolutely unsustainable.

    It is genocide. And that is not easy to hide from people, even with the largest propaganda machine ever assembled.

    Truth needs no propaganda. Truth holds its own, and it is unstoppable and irrepressible. That overwhelming fact is what the propagandists have working against them, and it is a major factor indeed.

    Freedom is everything.

    Even now, many people who for over a year have tried to mock and ridicule out of all existence the paramount importance of human freedom — putting in quotes, for instance, terms like “your rights” and “your freedoms” (e.g. “To hell with your ‘rights’ and your ‘freedoms!’ People are dying!”) — even now, I reiterate, many of these same mockers and ridiculers, who for well over a year have wanted to hear nothing about the effectiveness and success of early-treatment protocols, despite the fact that “people are dying” (and dying more now from the Gene Transfer vaccines they’re pushing, as well as the slew of Covid variants that the vaccines have selected for), are glimpsing, in the sudden construction of quarantine camps and the endless lockdowns and mandates which also entail sudden police intrusions into private homes and private lives and private spaces, at any given time, without warning or reason or cause or explanation or recourse, glimpsing what societies are actually like without individual freedom: the freedom to associate, the freedom to exchange, to mingle, to be alone, the freedom to protest, to speak, to gather, to move about, to be left alone or to engage in voluntary transactions — in short, the freedom to exist.

    In societies that do not have such freedoms, humans exist only by permission, not by right, and these permissions may be legally revoked at any time, for any reason or for no reason. Just as in such societies, individual human beings can be imprisoned and even murdered for any reason or for no reason — as precisely has happened all throughout history when authoritarianism and totalitarianism has replaced individual autonomy and individual freedom.

    Freedom is everything.

    Freedom, I repeat, is everything.

    The human will is eternal.

    Goodness is timeless.

    It is only when people are by law no longer free that the paramount importance of individual freedom comes into sharper focus — by which time it is too late.

    It’s then that individuality and individual thought is replaced by Borg-like obedience and an automaton’s way of processing thoughts and of acting.

    That is my definition of hell.

    There are many countries right now — like Botswana, like Japan, like Romania, like Denmark — who are taking a beautiful and intransigent stand against the World Health Organization and the explicit eugenics promoted by the Gates Foundation and so many others, as well as the sheer obviousness and stupidity of this entire propaganda campaign, which has grown stale and cliche, the sheer stark-raving-madness of it all, the deadly farce that it is.

    Yet it is also true that the worldwide outcome is far from certain, though one thing I do believe certain: the mind-boggling crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated — the sheer number of individual lives harmed and killed because of this move-to-power — these acts of violence and war waged so brazenly against individual human beings across the world, they will be brought to justice.

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