All Humans Think By Means Of Words
  • Humans think by means of words.

    The foremost function of language — written, spoken, signed, or anything else — is not to communicate, which comes secondarily, but rather to create clarity and understanding in one’s own mind: before any person can communicate, that same person must first have something to communicate.

    Clear and accurate definitions — intelligible definitions — are the human method of apprehending reality.

    Clear definitions stand as watchdogs to human thought and cognitive clarity. They are our first and in many ways final line of defense against the pandemonium of epistemological-psychological disintegration.

    In 1946, George Orwell wrote a remarkable essay which is largely concerned with this very subject. Orwell’s essay is called “Politics and the English Language,” and in this essay, George Orwell convincingly argues that there’s a direct and demonstrable link between politics and poor language, between authoritarian governments and the degeneration of language.

    Because, wrote Orwell (and I agree), “all issues are at root political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred, and schizophrenia. When the general atmosphere is bad, language must suffer. I should expect to find — this is a guess which I have not sufficient knowledge to verify — that the German, Russian and Italian languages have all deteriorated in the last ten or fifteen years, as a result of dictatorship….

    “The goal of propaganda is not to convince but rather to so overwhelm the human brain with noise and contradictions that it’s nearly impossible to gather all these contradictions and noise together, to form a coherent argument against it all; so that, exhausted, people give up fighting and go along.”

    Or as the mass murderer Vladimir Lenin put it:

    “First, confuse the vocabulary.”

    It’s in this context that I show you now how our own CDC has, without notification or explanation, changed the definition of the word “vaccine.” This is from the CDC website:

    Meriam-Webster has changed the definition as well:

    The exact same thing has happened with the term “anti-vaxxer”:


    The exact same thing has happened with the regular seasonal flu:

    And “unvaccinated”:


    And look at this variation on the same theme:

    The following is also a variation on the theme — an outright and provable lie from a licensed MD, a lie diametrically opposite the actual facts, which this doctor knows, which means that what he’s saying here constitutes medical malfeasance. Yet in the sheer and unmitigated gall of telling such a staggering lie with a straight face, most people could never conceive that a licensed physician would, before all the world, dare commit such malfeasance and fraud, nor be capable of such a wild mistake. Most people would be wrong in never being able to conceive these things.

    This physician is guilty of precisely such medicinal malfeasance and fraud, and as such he is a criminal of the highest order.

    Furthermore, in committing a crime of such colossal magnitude and monstrousness, this licensed medical doctor — black-framed eyeglasses, white hair, “Minneapolis” stamped across the top part of his necktie on the righthand side of the screenshot directly below —  would, in every state across America right now, today, be subject to lifelong imprisonment and possibly even the death-penalty. His crime is that serious and that appalling: it’s the crime of deliberately doing harm to children.

    As I’ve written before, one of the absolutely incontrovertible facts about the Wuhan virus — a fact understood from the beginning by virtually scientists and doctor around the globe, including the most alarmist, zealous catastrophists and lockdown advocates — is that this virus does not affect children on anywhere near the same level as regular seasonal flu. This Wuhan virus, which has so preposterously come to be called Covid-19, is far less serious for children than the regular seasonal flu. Period.

    Nor do children pass it along to adults.

    I reiterate for emphasis: Nor do children pass it along to adults.

    “The intact immune systems [of children] turn cars into car parts,” as one good doctor aptly described it. Which is why it was insanely stupid — strike that: which is why it was arrant insanity to close our schools for any amount of time, let alone a full year. Closing schools prolonged this plandemic incalculably, immeasurably, and many people, myself among them, warned of this three weeks into lockdowns. The children would have brought us to herd immunity in rapid fashion, and Sweden proves this. Sagely Sweden never closed their schools, and do you know how many children died from Covid in Sweden?


    This is where Sweden is now with their total population (not just children):

    The only children — anywhere — who have died from the Wuhan virus are children with comorbidities, including but not limited to cancer.

    Here’s some of the real-world data:

    This doctor from John Hopkins is beginning to understand the gravity of what’s been going on.

    There’s an easy way, reader, to combat the constant, relentless stream of deliberate misinformation and propaganda coming at us, and which is meant to confuse us all, to psychologically manipulate us and to thereby wear us down into exhaustion. This is how we combat it:

    We remain fully aware that it’s happening — in any and everything we see and read and hear — no matter the platform, no matter how “fair and balanced” or “conservative” or innocuous it may seem — and then we do not bother attempting to sort through all the noise, nor do we strive to untangling all the contradictions: because that is precisely their tactic, because the moment you and I wade into that cesspool of chaos, it will pull at us like an undertow.

    The following is, for example, another outright lie:

    How do I know that it’s a lie? Because a friend, who’s a physician in Idaho, has called me and talked to me about it. There is a staffing crisis because so many among doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel are leaving over mandates — because they’ve seen firsthand how dangerous these so-called vaccines are. (Listen to what this exceptionally smart, hard-working, exemplary employee — a physician’s assistant  — has to say, because it will blow you away, and it’s a recent talk: here’s the link again.)

    They’re not overwhelmed because of huge number of Covid patients, as my doctor friend says, though they will ration care and use that lie to justify it — and he’s beside himself, by the way. Many, many, many good doctors and nurses are. None of the medical professionals have ever seen anything like this: their entire livelihoods and their professions fully run now by a dizzying chain of bureaucratic agencies, representatives from which never set foot in these practices or hospitals. This is what he’s talking about:

    That video is from Project Veritas and it was just released today (September 20, 2021), with more video footage to come in the following days. These are government-employees who work in healthcare, doctors and nurses, and they’re absolutely appalled at what’s happening. They’ve come forward, at risk to themselves and to their families, to tell the world what’s happening.

    As I recently wrote:

    There are axioms which you can know are always infallible, unfailing guides and gauges, and by means of which you’ll be able to spot and discern what’s true and what’s not.

    First: The shut-down of open inquiry.

    Any time any person or any institution, no matter how venerable or well-respected — even if it’s religious — calls for the shut-down of open inquiry, either explicitly or implicitly (i.e. in the act of shutting it down one way or another, even indirectly, such as by threatening or fining someone for printing a story), that person or institution is in the wrong. Always.

    They are engaged in a campaign of misinformation and psychological manipulation.

    “A lie resents questioning; but truth is untroubled in defending itself.”

    Second: the attempt to justify the instigation of state force and coercion, the policy of command-and-control.

    Any person or any institution, no matter how venerable or well-respected, even religious institutions, which call for the instigation of force or coercion leveled upon individual human-beings, no matter the stated ends or goals, is always and unequivocally in the wrong.


    If you keep those two axioms fixed like steadfast stars in your mind, you will forever be impervious to even the most subtle and manipulative propaganda tactics.

    Two of the gravest dangers facing all of us — across the entire world — are, first, the endless, relentless flood of misinformation and propaganda, which is deliberately meant to confuse us. It is psychological warfare. By simply being aware that it is happening — and happening on a global scale with a reach and scope never in history seen before — by simply being aware of it, I say again for emphasis, you will go a very long way in protecting your mind from its pure poison.

    Partisan politics — the endless quibbling and arguing that partisan politics engender — are one of the main tactics used to distract us all, no matter where we place ourselves on the politico-economic spectrum, from our full awareness of the propaganda and misinformation. The powers-that-be know this fully. It is the cornerstone in their propaganda pyramid: foment greater and greater partisan argumentation among humans to more deeply manipulate their psychologies.

    Indeed, the other grave danger facing us all, across the world, is the total push, which we’re only just beginning to see, to pit us against each other: the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated, the sick versus the healthy, the dirty versus the clean. This will happen. It’s already started. And the danger of it cannot be overstated or exaggerated.

    Please keep in mind also that what constitutes “vaccinated” will mean frequency of injections and booster injections: one shot, two shots, and then the booster — I promise you this is only the beginning. It’s already changed in many countries around the globe.

    Please never forget either: this is a biologically active genetic platform never fully tested for longterm safety or consequences.


    Pathetically obvious propaganda, and it’s a perfect illustration of why CNN now has a fraction the audience that podcaster Joe Rogan has.

    “Covid misinformation and vaccine misinformation is killing people every day. One of the great crises of our time is a lack of trust in a reliable source of truthful information. There are a lot of people who simply can not be reasoned with. And that’s dangerous in a republic built upon civic engagement.” — Elex Michaelson

    “One of the goals of creating chaos is to make it impossible to notice details. If, for example, your goal is to destroy the greatest city in the world, you would need an environment of cacophonous confusion to distract people from what was happening.” — Jeffrey Tucker

    Do you recall Klaus Schwab, whose recent book The Great Covid Reset I posted a page from yesterday? Klaus Schwab, like his friend and collaborator Bill Gates, is a proud eugenist who in his book The Great Covid Reset explicitly and in no uncertain terms advocates for full-blown eugenics, and if you think I’m in any way exaggerating, I invite you to go read the page I posted one day ago. What this sub-human thinks and what he says is so sickening that I will not post it again. Klaus Schwab is also, along with his friend and collaborator Bill Gates, who as you know was sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein’s friend, one of the largest contributors to the World Health Organization. I bring Klaus Schwab up again now because after my post yesterday, a reader sent me this recent photo, and I think it is despicable:

    Joe Biden with eugenist Klaus Schwab.

    This has nothing to do with partisan politics, reader, left versus right, all of that nonsense. Nothing. That is a total distraction, and it’s meant to be. Reader, these are not good people with anything remotely resembling good intentions. I promise you.

    And we’ve all been targeted.

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