“Why Do So Many Still Believe?” Dr. Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University, Belgium, Gives An Exceptionally Incisive Explanation
  • Dr. Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Ghent.

    For the last eighteen months, since the lunacy over the Wuhan virus officially began, I’ve not heard a single person address — let alone address insightfully — the one thing above all others which for me, from right off, was the total giveaway to this entire deadly farce. There were in fact two things very early on that couldn’t be reconciled — the most immediate of which being the instant calculation by the powers-that-be of fatality rates before anything close to widespread testing had been done. 

    This remains one of the truest giveaways: you cannot calculate fatality rates before you know infection rates, and you cannot know infection rates before widespread testing.


    That’s mathematical law.

    This was and is a checkmate.

    The fact that, within just a few days, world leaders and bureaucrats were telling us “3% to 5%” fatality rates, this not only disclosed intentional misrepresentation — intentional, I reiterate for emphasis — but it was also a clear-cut case of terrorism through catastrophism. Actual fatality rates, according to the scrupulous Stanford epidemiologist John Iionadis, fall between 0.1% and 0.5%, which is much more like the regular seasonal flu.

    Terror campaigns fueled by catastrophism are war crimes.

    They are crimes against humanity.

    They are crimes of the most heinous and serious sort.

    The second and most significant of the two things that simply could not be reconciled is something that I’ve not only not had anyone answer: I’ve never even heard anyone else discuss it — even among those who didn’t buy into the mainstream narrative: people as skeptical as me.

    Until today.

    When I heard this man today, I felt the scales fall from my eyes.

    This second thing I’m speaking of — the something that not one person among even the most dedicated and zealous catastrophists, not doctor, not scientist, not politician, not anyone, has ever addressed, even when I’ve directly and repeatedly asked — is this:

    How can anyone who purports to care about human life begin to justify the incalculable, irrefutable death and destruction these reckless and completely ineffective lockdown policies are having upon the innocent third-world poor, all across the world?

    How can any sane person justify creating astronomically more death and misery, and for an indefinite period of time, for a coronavirus which when treated with safe, abundant, inexpensive, effective, early-treatment protocols is far less lethal than the seasonal flu?

    No one has ever answered that question.

    I know I’ve written about this subject numerous times, and I don’t mean to be a broken record, but let me say again just for posterity: I have asked this question to more people than I could ever calculate, and not a single person — even the doctors and scientists — not one among them has ever in any way replied.

    I mean this quite literally: there’s not ever even an attempt at a reply. No sloppy polemics, no specious reasoning, none of the interminable equivocations and tortuous circumlocutions. No anything.

    It is truly among the most bizarre experiences of my entire life.

    At times it’s felt for me like a dream — that ostensibly smart, compassionate human beings who in many, many cases are well-credentialed, simply say nothing. They remain mute and just stare. As if the words don’t compute. It is the closest thing I’ve ever experienced in real-life to feeling as if humans were under a Manchurian-Candidate-like spell, and it’s something I’ve thought into the ground.

    I was therefore astounded today when I came across the following interview, brand-new (September 21, 2021), between two people neither of whom I’d ever heard of before a few hours ago.

    The man being interviewed is one Dr. Mattias Desmet, a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University, in Belgium, and this entire discussion, from beginning to end, is absolutely riveting — the scope of its explanatory power unlike anything I’ve heard from anyone, at any point, on this surreal subject. You must watch it. It will throw open shut windows and it will cast gales of light upon the nightmarish chasmed darkness of the last eighteen months.

    At the five-minute mark, for instance, Professor Desmet explains when and why this global panic began to strike him as not-quite-right:

    “Another example of an absurd characteristic was that, from the beginning, institutions like the United Nations actually warned us that probably more people would die as a result of starvation, in developing countries, because of the lockdowns, than the number of victims the coronavirus could ever claim, even if there were no measures taken at all against the virus [my italicized emphasis] — which meant as much as: the ‘remedy’ was far worse than the actual disease. And still, nobody seemed to notice this. Everybody seemed to be so focused only on the coronavirus victims that people continued to be willing to buy into the story….”

    And at the forty-eight-minute mark:

    “In my opinion, the most important thing for people to do is to continue to speak out. Even if it’s just to say that you don’t agree with the mainstream narrative: because mass formation is provoked by the specific voice it’s gotten used to. Really, you have to take this literally. Totalitarian leaders know this very well: they start every new day with thirty minutes of propaganda, in which the voice of the leader constantly penetrates the consciousness of the population. So without mass media and without the ability to confront people, time and time again, with the voices of the leaders, no mass formation could continue as long as it continued in Germany and then in the Soviet Union. And the opposite of this is also true: if other voices are available in the public space, then the mass hypnosis will be disturbed.”

    I do sincerely implore you to watch and listen to this levelheaded, clear-thinking professor of psychology — no psycho-babbler here. He is smart and sane, and the world desperately needs more voices like his, and we can all learn from him and aspire to his powers of reason:

    The following brief video-clips are, unfortunately, not nearly as inspiring.

    But they are every bit as important. The world is on the brink of a colossal disaster — the greatest disaster in human history — and we must all, each and every one of us, come together in unification and stand against it:

    Dr. Vladimir (“Zev”) Zelenko, who was nominated for a Nobel-Prize and who’s also the world’s foremost physician to successfully treat the Wuhan virus (back in early March of 2020, before the lockdowns), testifies to the Rabbinical court: “Wake up! This is World War III. This is genocide”:


    Mike Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer and an irrefutable voice of reason and sanity in this cesspool of “vaccine” propaganda, has issued what he believes may be a final warning, and I don’t necessarily think he’s wrong:

    According to the World Health Organization and the CDC’s own data, this is without any comparison the deadliest, most harmful vaccine rollout in human history — by light years:


    Please take special note of the date here: November 12, 2021. The Covid-19 “vaccines” have at this point existed for less than a year. VigiBase is entirely doctor-medical-personnel reported.

    Nobel-Prize-winning virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier: “I’ll refuse the mandatory vaccine.”

    Professor Montagnier understands exactly what is happening. He knows this is worldwide bioterrorism.

    Which is why he, along with a number of other doctors and scientists, have signed sworn affidavits alleging “crimes against humanity and attempted genocide” and submitted these affidavits to International Court:


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  • Pim Wiersinga 09.22.2021

    In March 2020, the ‘solidarity’ motif enticed me to follow the main narritive — and soon discovered that solidarity wasn’t the name of the game.
    Were I to follow the prescripts, I could not have helped my elderly neighbour back into his chair; nor would I have been so shocked by footage about a woman who went on strike because the care home wouldn’t admit her to her dying husband.
    ‘But aren’t ypu scared that you’ll contract the virus?’ this ignoble tv-reporter asked.
    The lady straightened her back and spit back: ‘Young man, what is that to me? I love him! I’d rather die with the love of my life than let him die alone!’
    At that point I realised that the systemic cruelty (‘rules will be rules’) was being wilfully and massively overlooked. I also recall the contempt I felt for Mr. busy-fussy reporter who seemed to believe he asked the right question… The more I think about it, the more I believe Mattias Desmet’s analysis to be spot on.
    Thank you, Ray Harvey, for this wonderful conversation.
    Do not despair!
    Ciao, Pim

  • Thank you, Pim.

    Thank you for reading and for commenting, and thank you for dropping by.

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  • I’ve been saying the same thing. Almost everyone I know says, “It’s not on MSM, it’s not true!”
    They believe everything on the internet is false.

  • I have just watched this video and found a few links, like yours, to Mattias Desmet, and I agree with what you say.. At about 75 minutes it is a long watch but worth every second. I have been reading the views of many philosophers from the 19th century but Mattias has the advantage of bringing a common view about totalitarianism up to date with references to the pandemic.

  • This may be helpful as a complement to Desmet’s interview. It’s an explanation of mass hysteria used as a tool for totalitarianism from a general political point of view. 20 minutes.


  • Thank you for speaking out.

  • Thank you, friend.

    I appreciate your readership and your unindoctrinated brain.

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  • Ray

    I remember a hypnotist once said, the fact that you have paid to go to his show you have done ninety percent of his work, your brain has convinced you that you will be hypnotized. If the hypnotist stopped you in the street and tried to hypnotize you, you would laugh in his face. Main stream media is forcing people’s brains to think and believe all the shit that they transmitting.

  • “We are in a race with the reaper, we hastened, he tarried, we won. I hope it is not the other way around.” – Immanuel Velikovsky

    Mankind suffers from traumatic amnesia. This is the result of our ancestors having survived global cataclysms in the past. The planets have made close approaches to each other, and immense interplanetary electrical discharges have wreaked havoc on Earth and other planets. Our ancestors have encoded this (urge to emulate) in mythology, petroglyphs, allegory, and ritual.



    Manufacturing Consent


  • […] Pulp Journal says It has at times felt for me like a dream — that ostensibly smart, compassionate human beings who in many, many cases are well-credentialed, simply say nothing. They remain mute and just stare. As if the words don’t compute. It is the closest thing I’ve ever experienced in real-life to feeling as if humans were under a Manchurian-Candidate-like spell, and it’s something I’ve thought into the ground [9] […]

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  • The foundations of the Pandemic were organized and promoted by GAVI.org, the Vaccine Alliance. GAVI was created using funds provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (the world’s formost investor in the production, promotion and distribution of vaccines), and includes the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University and the World Economic Forum, in addition to members of the pharmacological industry.

    They have achieved the results they have hoped for and the descrepancies between their perceptions and reality doesnt matter much to them. (Vaccine induced deaths are collateral damage according to their values, which are of an economical natural with a strong element of control over the formulation of public policy and the privatization of the world’s natural and institutional resources).

    This is serious shit – the worst and most destructive fraud in the history of mankind.

  • When the official line (the path the public is being herded along) and reality diverge

    The way you were raised plays a decisive role.

    Going against the flow is not everyone’s cup of tea.

    And traveling the wrong way (rather than the path towards survival) is dangerous.

    By the time you learn it may be too late.

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  • Answers everything I feel and have questioned.
    Thank you

  • Thank you, Dawn.

  • Perfection. From the very beginning, and as a doc treating people, developing within health and wellness, for 30 years, this early poor predictive modeling from crude death rates in the earliest populations most susceptible was a CRIME!!
    Love your sharp critical thinking and would love to follow/spread your messaging.
    Well done.

  • Thank you, Doctor. Thank you very much indeed.

  • Unfortunately, unlike how Desmet frames it, the reality of mass formation or mass psychosis isn’t just occurring once in a while since the 20th century but is a CONTINUOUS reality among “civilized” humans …. https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

    He also fails to see that the Covid Psyop is a TOTALLY deliberate ploy because he doesn’t think it’s ALL intentionally sinister.

    Worst of all, perhaps, he frames the problem as the public being a mere victim in this phenomenon. Nothing could be further from the truth…

  • JJ

    Thank you for your article. I can very strongly relate to your points. Keep writing. Keep up the good work even if you feel you are repeating yourself, because some people need to hear the same message a few times and expressed slightly differently before a new perspective can dawn upon their mind.

  • great article. i see the video has been removed and i was determined to find it so i could share it.
    if you go to YT it is Dan Astin-Gregory ‘s youtube interview with Dr. Desmet

    Let’s hope people wakeup.

    the MSM is trying so hard to discredit the term.

  • Here’s a few things I raised to people before –

    1. The main function of any President is to protect it’s citizens. So why would you force a lock down yet allow more illegal aliens in?

    2. India, Japan, Mexico, use Ivermectin with great success, why wouldn’t we?

    I saw this coming early on, think about, a local restaurant has to shut down yet McDonalds can stay open. Unless the intent is to install the great reset and change how our country functions you would never do what they have done. How many people lost businesses and have since committed suicide because of it?

    I actually think they intend on crashing the economy, look at the supply chain issues now, this is by design, it would be great if more people woke up, instead of worrying about being woke. All the other garbage is white noise focus on the moves being played.

  • Hi and hello. Before it was announced via the media (and not as would be the case in ‘real life’, ie via official and direct government announcements, eg. We are first informed that the world is going to end on ‘the news’ – just before the sports results and the weather!) that there is a coronavirus outbreak in China that had it’s origin in a bat, two things occured or at least one of the two did. Firstly, Event 201 occurred in which it still wasn’t finalised whether the virus would originate in a bat or a rat; on the day though they opted for a bat. Secondly, prior to that fateful day whilst I sat watching ‘the news’ (I said to my family: “oh no, another staged event; they’ve run out of terror-event crisis actors”) well, and please correct me if you believe me to be in error ..the following didn’t happen: there is no evidence, no scientific proof of any mutation from rat, sorry, I mean bat virus to human virus and no evidence of any isolation of said virus. Yet, amazingly they just knew it was a coronavirus! Then, remember in the UK how the government (getting it’s info from the news of course) forgot to close the borders! And, then there was the ‘first victim’ that came up on a coach to Arrow Park Hospital but despite the two HazMat figures the coach driver only had a lovely waistcoat and tie! Oh, then the victim (resplendant, when interviewed, in his regulation crisis-actor sheepskin jacket) was announced as a Super-Spreader! What happened to the super-spreaders? (I miss them). And this chap, the first victim had symptoms….but, the list of symptoms was only released later ….anyway he looked well enough when interviewed outside the hospital! Oh, also, while we’re here, how come ‘the falling down dead’ symptom (as those grainy videos portrayed) never occurred outside Wuhan? Also, was Noble Prize winner Karey Mullis a nutcase when he repeatedly reminded everyone that the RT-PCR test cannot be used as a diagnostic tool? He must have been, because it’s been keeping the Agenda, sorry, I means numbers going for a good couple of years now. And, it’s amazing that all the ‘symptoms’ of this deadly disease are the same that I have twice a year and have done for 50 years …mmm?! (My GP just says it’s a virus, take paracetamol and rest). I could go on. But it’s pointless. The millions of masked, sanitised, clapping and terrified TV viewers will keep any lie, and any Agenda, going without too much input from the High Magicians of the NWO. Looks like the next bat strain is coming out of South Africa. You couldn’t make this shit up. Oh, sorry, they did! ps, seeing first hand the elderly in care homes with chest infections, water infections and sepsis being refused medication and given End Of Life meds to their demise made me quit 36 years in nursing. In case you haven’t worked it out yet: THERE IS NO VIRUS!!!!!

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  • YES 🇩🇰💚🌷
    🦠 This is genocide … We know allready from Dr jur. Reiner Fuellmich and the people around him here … Notice also from Israel …

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