“It Is A Crisis Of The Language — Especially In The Sciences” — Doctor Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Geneticist, former Director of Research, French National Institute of Health
  • All knowledge begins with observation and integration, and humans think by means of words.

    I wrote that not too long ago, and I am therefore stunned to see that a brand-new film captures this very thing.

    “Planet Lockdown: A New Movie That Highlights The Role Language Played In Perpetrating This Massive Fraud”

    They are in retreat, but I promise you they are not capitulating.

    How do I know this?

    I know it because they’ve committed crimes against humanity — crimes of the most serious sort — and they’ll never capitulate now.

    If you have any doubt at all about any of what I’ve just said, I ask you to please watch the documentary Planet Lockdown and please remember the following:

    Every single one of these gene-transfer platforms masquerading as vaccines, whose longterm consequences aren’t known to anyone because they were pushed through in two months, are in the short-term astronomically more lethal to children than the Wuhan virus and any of its variants. What this means, in absolutely unambiguous terms, is that children are being deliberately and with malice aforethought harmed — much as the elderly were deliberately harmed in the beginning of it all.

    Take a moment and consider that. Please take a long moment and consider that.

    What’s happening is real.

    This will not go away on its own.

    On its own, this will worsen, and the world will move deeper and deeper into despotism and medical tyranny, and the experimental genetic injections will continue without end, via “boosters.”


    Spoken on January 23rd, 2022

    Early treatment works. It works far better than any and all of these experimental genetic injections, which were never tested for longterm consequences.

    Every single day when each one of us wakes up, this growing tyranny will still be there — expanding, moving ever deeper into private individual human lives — unless and until we unify and stand up against it.

    I wish that I were exaggerating or overstating this.

    I am not.

    But know this, as well: you do not need a majority to win, and the issue isn’t nor has it ever been “left or right.”

    Partisan politics have been strategically used as a weapon to divide humanity.

    In issues such as these, the side that stands with reason — i.e. the side against the initiation of force and coercion, the side that articulates its principles most clearly, consistently, logically, intransigently — this is the side that will always win.

    Government is force. Government is coercion.

    Government is not reason. It is not productivity. It is not goodness. Government is force, coercion, compulsion, authoritarianism. By definition, this is what government is.

    Government is that apparatus which possesses a legal monopoly on the instigation of coercion and force, and which may employ coercion and force with impunity — i.e. without fear of reprisal or repercussions.

    Government is the negation of liberty.

    From the film Planet Lockdown:

    “This creates a situation whereby people give up using their own minds — to the herd, the authorities — saying, in effect ‘I don’t know what to think anymore, it’s so absurd, all this contradictory information….’ In order to introduce the collectivist world where individuals do not matter anymore — in order to do this successfully, they had to refute the notion of truth, of right and wrong.”

    They do this, reader — or attempt to do it — by changing language.

    The movie describes this process perfectly, in the words of many brilliant scientists, lawyers, doctors, economists, and other thinkers, a number of whom I’d never heard of before watching this.

    It is without question the most important film so far made about what has been happening the last two years. You will see and hear things you’ve never seen or heard. Click the gear icon on the bottom righthand side of the video player and speed up the video if you prefer, but please watch and listen, and please share this:

    “This is not about hygiene or disease-mitigation. It’s about criminology…. You risk a lot when you speak out against the cult of covid. You lose friends, jobs, many, many things. Still, you must speak out.” — Dr. Wolfang Wodard, MD.

    The good doctor is right: you do lose friends, jobs, and many, many other things. And even worse than that — you wouldn’t believe me even if I showed you.

    And yet the cost of silence is here and now a much greater price to pay. The fate of human civilization hangs in the balance right now, and I promise you that is no overstatement. If anything, it’s an understatement.

    “You will be led to your downfall,” says Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi of the Max Plank Institute of immuno-biology, at the 49 minute mark of the video. “You and your loved ones will be led into a kind of permanent mind-control — a subservience to bureaucratic elites corrupted beyond anything we’ve seen.”

    Also from the movie:

    “I am completely sure that it was not appropriate to only go for massive vaccination. There had never been any massive vaccination approved for a coronavirus. To say now, ‘we are going to develop it and implement it’ — this is awkward. It doesn’t sound right to me… Your body has never seen this [gene-transfer platform] before. We have loads of questions, but no answers.” — Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude, geneticist, former Director of Research, French National Institute of Health.

    “This is a truly experimental vaccine on the entire world…. These gene-transfer vaccines are not approved by any medical authority, like the FDA, in the entire world. Their use is only because of so-called Emergency Use Authorization. So if there isn’t an emergency, they simply can’t be administered. We don’t know very much about them. We don’t know anything at all about the potential for longterm side-effects.” — Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer.

    “The collaboration of medicine with government, particularly law enforcement, is absolutely the end of democracy. It has to be deadly because the police state is the only thing that comes out of this. When doctors become agents of government, they are no longer to be trusted. Who determines the ‘greater good’? … If people had said ‘NO’ there would have been no holocaust.” — Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor, founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection.

    “Courage is having the will to fight when the odds appear stacked against you and to still believe you can win.”

    “This is always the trick: once you have the people scared, they will accept everything. The plan is very clear. The health crisis has been used to achieve total control…. As far as vaccines are concerned, we are entering into a very basic problem of the relationship between human beings. The problem is, Who is the owner of their own body? If you say you are not the owner of your own body, then you can accept that the government can make you inject into you whatever government deems. But this is a violation of our human condition which is based at least on self-ownership. I own my own body and I own my own mind.” — Alessandro Fusillo, Attorney, Rome, Italy.

    Tomorrow — January 23, 2022 — doctors, scientists, and thinkers from all around the world are marching in Washington DC to end the genocidal madness of mandating a biologically active experimental genetic injection never tested for longterm consequences.

    The totalitarian elites who for nearly two years have been waging against us all in this war of bioterrorism are on the brink of witnessing something enormous — something none of them anticipated.

    I believe this must-see film was deliberately, brilliantly, beautifully released to synch with tomorrow’s march.

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