[UPDATED WITH AN IMPORTANT CORRECTION] I Want To Show You Something That Should Make Your Blood Boil But Which In Actuality Will Likely Make Me The One Most Reviled
  • [UPDATED]: This post contains a serious error: the book excerpt below does NOT come from Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret’s book COVID-19: The Great Reset but from a former American intelligence officer named Dr. John Coleman, who was describing the Club of Rome’s so-named Committee of 300, of which Klaus Schwab was indeed a member. It is a serious error on my part. I’d downloaded in July a pdf of The Great Reset and the photo came from that pdf, and which photo I first posted months ago, in this article. The error is inexcusable, and I apologize.

    The rest of the article, however, is entirely accurate and entirely damning: Klaus Schwab is a life-long eugenist who believes that an elite bureau of centralized planners are better suited than we ourselves to determine the course of our lives — all of our lives — including most significantly decisions of death or life.

    Klaus Schwab’s depopulation-and-eugenics agenda is beyond dispute, as is Schwab’s deep involvement in South African apartheid — specifically in his illegally developing nuclear weapons in South Africa. Also, the Club of Rome, co-founded in 1968 by Schwab’s friend Aurelio Peccei (who often referred to humanity as “peasants” and “useless eaters,” and who in 1973 spoke at Schwab’s newly formed World Economic Forum — a talk Schwab to this day regards as a seminal moment in the WEF’s history), and its “Committee of 300” have a long and explicit history of elitism, eugenics, depopulation, and racism, and in the following brief video clip, from 2021, you can see and hear Klaus Schwab openly discussing his organization’s corrupting influence upon governments, religion, media, and virtually everything else it touches:

    This is Schwab’s World Economic Forum — of which Schwab is not only the founder but still the CEO — and their agenda stated explicitly and unambiguously (note that the year is 2016):

    The following video is from 2017, when eugenist Klaus Schwab waxed quasi-poetically about that amalgam of his alumni’s influence on the global political sphere, admitting they were integral to the WEF’s strategy of “infiltrating” the cabinets of executive branches of sovereign governments all across the world:

    Finally, the Club of Rome’s book of propaganda called Limits to Growth (1972), which Klaus Schwab among millions of others publicly endorsed and took very seriously indeed, is now most famous not for its scarcely disguised eugenics but for its outrageous and laughably spectacular failed predictions, which the late great Julian Simon arrantly eviscerated in his timeless masterpiece Ultimate Resource. (I myself also detail a number of the Club of Rome’s Limits-To-Growth fables and their eugenics in Part II of my most recent novel.)


    Klaus Schwab is a eugenist about whom I’ve had the displeasure of writing before. He’s also the son of a proud and lifelong NAZI named Eugen Schwab, and Klaus himself has deep and proven ties with South African apartheid.

    In January of 1971, Klaus Schwab founded the so-called World Economic Forum (WEF), an explicitly neo-marxist-socialist organization, which is headquartered in Davos, Switzerland, and of which Klaus Schwab is still the CEO.

    You may also recall that one Anthony Stephen Fauci just two weeks ago — January 24th, 2022, on the occasion of the WEF’s 51st anniversary — gave his annual talk to members of the WEF, and you may or may not know as well that Anthony Fauci is a decades-long friend of Klaus Schwab, the eugenist.

    In July of 2020, Klaus Schwab, along with his eugenically likeminded friend Thierry Malleret, co-authored a book titled COVID-19: The Great Reset.


    Note in particular the phrase “for the non-elite.”

    If you’re at all familiar with the bloated corpus of disgusting eugenics literature which was so en-vogue across the world for so many decades — and which really never went away but was merely pushed into hiding post-World-War-II — you know that this sort of elitist talk and turgid style is the standard procedure for this particular demographic, the writing pathetically pompous and obvious. Margaret Sanger, for instance, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a hard-core racist, elitist, and eugenist who spoke at Ku-Klux-Klan meetings, and she has numerous published statements that read almost identically to the passage above. (I am, for the record, pro-choice and always have been, and I actually do think Planned Parenthood post Margaret Sanger has done plenty of good. But make absolutely no mistake: Margaret Sanger, about whom I have unfortunately read a great deal, was an elitist of a most vile sort.)

    Here, however, is what I most want you to see right now — to see and grasp and never forget:

    In 1992 Klaus Schwab established a parallel institution to the World Economic Forum — a parallel institution which Schwab initially named the Global Leaders for Tomorrow School. Some twelve years later, then, in 2004, Schwab re-established the Global Leaders for Tomorrow School and renamed it Young Global Leaders, and that is what the organization is officially called right up to this day.

    Here’s a partial list of graduate-alumni from the eugenist Klaus Schwab’s “Global Leaders School”:

    • Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany from 2005 to 2021Global Leaders for Tomorrow Class of 1992
    • Bill Gates, Global Leaders for Tomorrow Class of 1993

    • Jeff Bezos, Global Leaders for Tomorrow Class of 1998
    • Gavin Newsom, current California governor, Young Global Leaders Class of 2005

    • Peter Buttigieg, current United States Secretary of Transportation, Young Global Leaders Class of 2019

    • Emmanuel Macron, current President of FranceYoung Global Leaders Class of 2017 

    Here are a few more Klaus Schwab alumni:

    • Anderson Cooper
    • Ashton Kutcher
    • Jack Ma
    • Leo Tilman
    • Lera Auerbach
    • Charlize Theron
    • Leonardo DiCaprio

    Here are a few more:

    • Nicolas Sarkozy, former President of France
    • Dan CrenshawTexas Republican in the United States congress
    • Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaiian Democrat in the United States congress
    • Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of England 
    • Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton
    • Richard Branson, founder and current CEO of Virgin Media
    • Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and current owner and CEO of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp
    • Justin Trudeau, aspiring autocrat and current Prime Minister of Canada, who has, however, recently abdicated his position, and who would if he could repeatedly inject millions and millions of children with a biologically active, experimental genetic platform NEVER tested for longterm safety
    • Jacinda Ardern, aspiring autocrat and current Prime Minister of New Zealand, who would if she could repeatedly inject millions and millions of children with a biologically active, experimental genetic platform NEVER tested for longterm safety

    That’s right: they are each and all graduates from eugenist Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders School of neo-marxist propaganda.

    Here are a few others whose names you will perhaps recognize:

    Vladimir Putin.

    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the World Health Organization’s current director-general and the first non-MD to ever occupy this position.

    Of course also there’s this sub-human, Avril Haines, who in the fall of 2019 organized the bioterror we’ve all been living with these past two years:

    The former and also current health-ministers for Germany, including Jens Spahn, who has been Federal Minister of Health since 2018, as well as the Schwab-appointed Philipp Rösler, who was German Minister of Health from 2009 until 2011, and the WEF’s Managing Director in 2014. Sebastian Kurz, who was until recently the Chancellor of Austria; Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary; Jean-Claude Juncker, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and President of the European Commission; Annalena Baerbock, the leader of the German Green Party, who was the party’s first candidate for Chancellor in this year’s federal election, in serious contention to be Merkel’s successor.

    I ask you now to please take a long moment and let all that sink in.

    That, reader, is why I will never, no matter what, stop fighting this perverse, grotesque monstrosity, nor will I ever stop fighting the purely poisonous ideology underpinning it all.

    Here’s a Wikipedia link to the eugenist Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders program. I post this link here so that you may see firsthand the sources, as you may also read with your own eyes the multitude of footnotes.

    Here’s an even better source, from an excellent newspaper article published just recently on this very subject.

    The following photo shows eugenist Klaus Schwab with his good friend Justin (“Black-Face“) Trudeau, with whom he has racism and pathological lying in common — the same Justin Trudeau who as you know recently abdicated his position in the Canadian government and scurried off into hiding, afraid to face the million-plus Canadians and their children who wish to speak to Justin Trudeau about why he would repeatedly and by governmental coercion inject them all with a biologically active, experimental gene-transfer platform never tested for longterm consequences:

    Klaus Schwab with President Donald Trump:

    Klaus Schwab with President Bill Clinton:

    Klaus Schwab sitting next to his good friend Joe Biden, with whom he has for years been very chummy — I presume as much for their long and mutual history of racism and sexual harassment as for their complete economic illiteracy:

    Over 17,000 doctors and scientists from all around the planet — a number that’s growing every day, not coincidentally, as more and more people learn the truth about gene-transfer therapy — have signed a formal declaration demanding that world leaders immediately halt these experimental genetic injections masquerading as vaccines. Their reason for this declaration: these genetic injections are harming and killing people in extraordinary fashion — more than all other vaccines in human history combined — and nobody knows their longterm consequences since they were pushed through in two months. And yet for pointing out these very basic and indisputable facts, I and others like me are the ones harassed, slandered, reviled, and dropped, while the likes of Klaus Schwab, the eugenist, and his eugenically likeminded ilk are so frequently given a pass or, even worse, upheld as heroes.

    Please take special note of the date here: November 12, 2021. The Covid-19 “vaccines” have at this point existed for less than a year. VigiBase is entirely medical-personnel reported.

    The following is from the CDC’s database:

    Please notice all the metrics listed above — notice them all, I say, because when these metrics are assessed together, they obliterate the argument which is so popular now (now that the death toll has become too ghastly for most people to contemplate) — and I’m referring specifically to the argument that the CDC’s VAERS system is “unreliable” and “inaccurate.” The consistency of the numbers above, across those multiple metrics, is not nor could ever be coincidence.

    The truth is that VAERS is greatly under-reported, by as much as 99 percent — and this according to an exhaustive study conducted by the CDC itself in 2009, which later, in 2014, was confirmed via an independent study conducted by Harvard University. Thus to get a more accurate idea of the death and harm caused in less than one year by the genetic injections masquerading as vaccines, multiply all the above numbers by 99.

    Neither is it true that the only reason the VAERS numbers were inordinately high in 2021 is that many more people were injected during this time because of Covid. In 2018, for example, which was a particularly bad seasonal-flu year, fully 50 percent of the American population got the seasonal-flu vaccine, which of course was a traditional vaccine and not a genetic injection. That percentage is the very same percentage of people who’d received the experimental Covid vaxx by the end of July 2021 — which is when I captured the screenshot directly below, from the CDC’s website — i.e. 50 percent of the American population. Using the following CDC graph, then, I respectfully request that you compare 2018 with 2021:

    Incorporate next into this equation the fundamental and mind-boggling fact that these gene-transfer platforms were never tested for longterm side-effects or safety, and therefore nobody knows how many people will in the longterm die and suffer harm as a result of these untested genetic injections.

    Nobody knows.

    Do you understand, reader, what that is?

    It’s bioterrorism.

    It’s attempted genocide.

    Anyone who tells you that anybody — and I mean anybody — knows the longterm consequences of these gene-transfer platforms is either lying or totally ignorant or totally evil.

    The following video-clip is terrifying:

    Here I’ve also put together a sampling of some of the articulate and erudite 17,000 scientists, doctors, and medical-personnel who, from all over the world, are screaming at the top of their lungs to immediately stop these untested gene-transfer injections, and to simply leave people — especially children — the hell alone:

    Do you wish to know why over 20,000 (and counting) scientists, doctors, and medical-personnel from all around the world say that covid-19 is not a real pandemic? The answer is twofold:

    First, the World Health Organization changed the definition of the word “pandemic.”

    Second, the World Health Organization pushed in the diagnosing of the Wuhan virus a wildly improper testing methodology — PRC technology.

    The late great Kary Mullis, who invented the very PRC tests which world governments are incorrectly using, and who for his invention was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize, agreed and is on record agreeing with what I’m saying here. (I use the past-tense — “agreed” — because Kary Mullis is now dead. It is perhaps worth noting also that Kary Mullis’s ex firmly believes that Mullis was murdered.)

    The results of this improper testing methodology were a global explosion of misdiagnosis and over-diagnosis.

    Hospitals were then further incentivized to inflate their covid numbers by virtue of the reprehensible fact that hospitals were given obscene, sickening amounts federal-government money — which is to say, taxpayer money — for every death that the hospitals listed as a covid death.

    Please think about that.

    This sort of thing has a very specific name:

    It’s called a conflict of interest.

    It’s called corruption.

    It’s corruption to the core.

    In the short video-clip directly below, you will hear what I’ve just said confirmed in perfectly unambiguous terms by Dr. Ngozi Ezike, a board-certified pediatrician who is also Director of the Department of Public Health.

    I ask you to please take forty-two seconds of your time and listen to exactly what Dr. Ngozi Ezike says in the following clip — because what she says in this video reveals everything. It is earth-shattering. It is impossible to overstate the significance of it. It amounts to the total admission that covid-19 was indeed an orchestrated pandemic — i.e. not a pandemic at all — and it divulges also that the primary method used in orchestrating this ersatz pandemic is what statisticians call lying with numbers. Please watch and hear:

    That, reader — what you just heard Dr. Ngozi Ezike say in the 42-second video above — is what I’ve meant these past twenty-three months in saying over and over that this entire covid-19 debacle is primarily an epistemological issue.

    Epistemology is the science of human knowledge.

    The word epistemology is rooted in the Greek world episteme, which means “knowledge.”

    Epistemology asks such questions as this:

    How do humans know what we know?

    How do humans know what we think we know?

    How do we validate and prove our knowledge?

    And if we don’t validate our knowledge but choose instead to merely believe what we’re told  — and if we don’t critically examine or critically question press-release statements and governmental decrees (whether voiced by a majority, which is totally irrelevant) — do we under such circumstances actually know?

    Or do we, rather, under such circumstances, merely believe what we’ve been told?

    Is this a proper and healthy epistemology promoting optimal human flourishing — and how can we know that?

    Or rather than knowing, are humans instead, by metaphysical necessity, forced into a fate of chronic unknowing — chronic uncertainty — because the very nature of the universe and the very nature human consciousness are so constituted that, in fact, individual human beings cannot actually know anything: humans are perforce fated to believe what those above us — those in positions of authority — tell us is right and true. Yes?


    And how do we know?

    If, moreover, we merely believe, rather than actually know, what, then, is the difference between a belief in, say, an experimental genetic injection never tested for longterm consequences — never — versus, for example, one’s belief in a fundamentalist religious dogma which demands that its adherents massacre all non-believers (and for greater elaboration of this latter thing, please read the last few paragraphs of this post)?

    The science of epistemology asks, in essence: what are the differences among these brands of belief?

    These epistemological questions cannot be answered without a sound and systematized epistemological method, which begins — and ends — with observation and synthesis, with integration and differentiation.

    The truth is that the world has in less than two years time witnessed the single greatest act of worldwide medical fraud and medical malfeasance in all human history — by light years — and there is no going back from any crime of this magnitude.

    This is why in the last few months a tsunami-like counterforce has swollen in backlash: because it’s become unignorable to many of even the most hard-core government-lovers and catastrophists that something horrific has happened, and is still happening.


    A brand-new study confirming one of my greatest fears — a fear for which, five months ago, in my merely suggesting was a possibility I was criticized, ridiculed, hounded, and slandered as an “alt-right conspiracy theorist” — has just been published: these genetic injections masquerading as vaccines can indeed reverse transcribe into the human genome.

    That data should shock you senseless. It should horrify you more than anything has ever horrified you. It is the most serious thing to ever happen to humanity: a billion individual human-beings psychologically manipulated into being repeatedly injected with a biologically active genetic material that can permanently damage our chromosomes.

    This was not an accident, reader. I promise you it was not. It was neither accident nor oversight nor mistake nor clumsy ineptitude nor anything else like that.

    It was intentional.

    Wake up.

    Please, wake up.

    If any among my readers think that the elitist ideas such as what you read above from Klaus Schwab’s book, COVID-19: The Great Reset, are too ridiculous to be taken seriously, or that these ideas do not or will not or cannot have real-life ramifications and consequences, I urge you to please read below about one of the most appalling atrocities in all human history — an atrocity committed by a person whose moral-politico-economic ideology was strikingly similar to Klaus Schwab’s. The following chapter is excerpted from my book The Art of Independent Thinking:

    The Power of Ideas: A Real-Life Egalitarian Horror Story

    “It was toward the middle of the twentieth century that the inhabitants of many European countries came, in general unpleasantly, to the realization that their fate could be influenced directly by intricate and abstruse books of philosophy. Their bread, their work, their private lives began to depend on this or that decision in disputes on principles to which, until then, they had never paid any attention. In their eyes, the philosopher had always been a sort of dreamer whose divagations had no effect on reality. The average human being, even if he had once been exposed to it, wrote philosophy off as utterly impractical and useless. Therefore the great intellectual work of the Marxists could easily pass as just one more variation on a sterile pastime. Only a few individuals understood the causes and probable consequences of this general indifference.”

    The Captive Mind, Czeslaw Milosz (winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, 1980)

    The power of ideas can be seen no more starkly than in the fact that people subscribe to them without any hesitation, wavering, or scruples.

    As captured so perfectly in the Czeslaw Milosz passage quoted at the top of this chapter, societies and any concrete order of social affairs are the direct outcome of ideas and nothing but ideas, because the structure of the human mind is conceptual at its core and operates therefore by means of reason.

    Ideas come from thinking, which by its very nature is an individualized act. 

    Thinking is reasoning.

    Thinking means to deliberate beforehand upon future actions and to introspect and reflect afterward upon actions already taken. No person, government, or bureau can perform this act of deliberation and introspection for another human-being.

    This is what I mean when I say that the act of thinking, also known as reasoning, is by definition an individualized act: it is something that each of us alone must will, initiate, maintain, and sustain over the long arc of our lives.

    Ideas have consequences, both for good and for ill, and the determining factor is the truth or falsehood of the ideas being propounded.

    The following is a real-life illustration — writ sickeningly large — of what can happen when false ideas grip a society. In this case, it is the false idea that individuals do not exist but are merely parts of a collective. This is what can result when the idea of individuality, individualism, and independent thinking are not regarded as primary but replaced instead with the dogmatic ideology of egalitarianism-by-force:

    “When the Khmer Rouge seized power in April 1975, they did so with the intention of obliterating its hierarchical political culture in order to reconstruct Cambodian society from ground zero as the world’s most egalitarian, and therefore revolutionary social order.”

    That passage comes from historian Karl Jackson, in a heartbreaking book, published by Princeton Press, called Cambodia 1975 – 1978. In this book, Jackson describes the Khmer Rouge (which was the name of the socialist-communist-Marxist party that took over Cambodia in the mid-1970’s) as “sectarians and radical egalitarians [who] saw the diversity and differences between people as the root of all evil.”

    This ideology was extrapolated directly from the ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

    The Khmer Rouge was led by a cult-of-personality named Pol Pot, Western educated, who was also the architect of the Killing Fields — a seemingly incomprehensible genocide where Cambodian cities were systematically depopulated, and the entire Cambodian citizenry was enslaved on collective farms with a horrifyingly draconian ideology-of-equality imposed upon all.

    “Typically, the slightest dissent would be punished by the offender getting clubbed or starved to death, and so many Cambodians were dispatched by such methods (approximately 1.7 million between 1975 and 1979 according to one estimate) that fields filled with corpses became the macabre hallmark of the regime” (Ibid).

    From the Journal of Asian Studies (1998):

    “First, they tried to eliminate the use of linguistic registers that connoted kinship, age and other social differences. The word comrade, mitt, was suppose to replace titles, honorifics and even kin terms. Second, many non-verbal cues that connoted status, such as polite greeting forms and bending down before superiors, were also discouraged.”

    A historian by the name of Jay Jordens writes that “the Khmer Rouge realized Buddhism was at the core of Khmer ideas of social hierarchy. Thus by abolishing religion and destroying all vestiges of Buddhism; monks, texts, images, rituals, and so on, they might destroy the moral underpinnings of the beliefs in ‘unequal souls’” (Jay Jordens, Propaganda, Politics and Violence in Cambodia, 1996).

    And from the website Asia Pacific Curriculum:

    By 1977, the distrust on the part of the leadership had reached paranoiac heights and the purges of suspected traitors increased. Even the ranks of the Khmer Rouge cadres themselves were purged, sending increasingly larger numbers of them and their families to prisons where they were tortured and then murdered. The most notorious of these prisons was S-21, a high school in Phnom Penh that was converted into a prison and torture centre run by Kaing Guek Eav, also known as Duch. Out of an estimated 15,000 prisoners who were sent to S-21, only seven survived.

    Prisoners housed there were photographed and tortured to produce confessions. When the interrogators were finished, the prisoners’ corpses were carried by truck to the “killing fields” outside of Phnom Penh. There are approximately 20,000 of these mass graves in various locations in the country.

    The relatively short time that Pol Pot ruled — approximately four years — was a living nightmare. An estimated one-quarter of the Cambodian population was killed. I ask you to please pause for a moment and process that.

    These were each individual human beings, like you and like me, with individual human lives and loves and passions and dreams and problems and sorrows and joys, and their individual lives were real and meaningful and important. Yet they were murdered as though they were nothing — nothing but cogs in a collectivist machine which in reality existed only inside the warped and psychopathic mind of a dictator.

    The Cambodian people who survived survived only on “a ladle of watery rice gruel a day.” They were forced into back-breaking labor most of their waking hours — separated from their families, and do you know the specific reason for this? 

    The answer is this:

    Families don’t matter in Communist ideology, since all humans are equal comrades: your parents and siblings and children the same to you as parents, siblings, and children of all other people, even if you’ve never in your life seen or spoken with any of these people, nor they you and yours.

    Pol Pot’s regime forced the Cambodian people to eat in spectacularly unsanitary cooperatives, treating them worse than the poorly treated farm animals. They lived under incessant terror of being reported, even for minor acts “such as taking a coconut from a tree or allowing cattle to graze in the wrong field.”

    An incalculable number of people died as a direct result of these filthy, terror-stricken conditions.

    Vietnamese minority groups were in particular singled out for persecution and annihilation, as were Cham Muslim minorities.

    Survivors report that urbanites suffered harder work and even greater suspicion than the peasantry.

    Virtually the entire population labored on farms, and can you guess the reason for this?

    Answer: Because the ideology of egalitarianism decrees that all humans be the same and do everything the same. Thus, since the government could neither force people into instant expertise and specialization, which takes time and study and countless hours of diligence and practice, nor the comparatively luxurious standards of urban living, which must come from a level of wealth and production Pol Pot could not come close to affording, the government went for the diametric opposite: slaughtering intellectuals, literally hacking off with machetes the arms and hands of humans whom the state suddenly deemed “too advantaged” (i.e. unequal); evacuating cities overnight and forcing everyone, no matter their knowledge and training, into impoverished subsistence agriculture — abolishing with astonishing celerity and extreme force all specialization and the division of labor, which is, of course, hierarchical and therefore regarded by all egalitarian standards as “undesirable.”

    In terms of the sheer numbers of individual lives taken, Hitler, Stalin, and especially Mao murdered far more people than Pol Pot, and yet Pol Pot and his genocidal regime stands out among them all — for being, in my opinion, the most horrific and evil-perfect-practitioner of this ideology: an ideology that regards individuality as non-existent, equality-at-all-cost determined by an elite bureau of planners, people only worth anything to the extent that they help produce food “collectively.” Thus the Khmer Rouge slogans, written and posted where the Cambodian people could read them, contained a sick and shocking disregard for individual human life:

    “To keep you is no benefit. To destroy you is no loss. Better to kill an innocent by mistake than spare an enemy by mistake.”

    The Khmer Rouge is among the most ghastly of proofs about which you will ever read regarding the paramount role of ideas in human life.

    For the people who harangue, harass, and hound those among us defending individualism, individuality, and individual rights, who think that the idea of egalitarian-socialism is nothing to remotely consider or entertain, please read deeply about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge — the obliteration of individual rights, the destruction of the entire concept of individuality and independent thinking: read what it led to in Cambodia, and then come back and hound me. There’s plenty more I have to say — beginning with the fact that egalitarianism is still, right up to this present moment, in one form or another, the defining characteristic and cornerstone of virtually all leftist ideology going back the last two-hundred-fifty years. It’s most recent iteration is the Critical Race Theory and the “privilege-inequality” narrative, culminating also in the attempted epistemic obliteration of biological sex, which things have infected the world like a plague.

    As philosopher and economist Vincent Cook so precisely expressed it:

    Mass death is certainly no stranger to Communism. Even today a terrible famine stalks North Korea to remind us of the lethal nature of Marxism. However, Pol Pot has earned a special place in the history of Marxian Communism as his Khmer Rouge earned the special distinction of being the one Communist movement in history to actually attempt the full and consistent implementation of the ideals of Karl Marx.

    Most Marxists would recoil at the suggestion that Pol Pot is the logical conclusion of their social philosophy, yet any honest assessment of Marx’s theory cannot conceal the fact that the radical egalitarianism of the Khmer Rouge is precisely what Marx predicted would be the ultimate culmination of all human history. It must be clearly kept in mind that industrial socialism, as it was known in the former Soviet Union and other mainstream Marxist states, is not the endpoint of Marx’s philosophy of history. In his view, the abolition of capitalist production relations is only the first stage of the worldwide proletarian revolution.

    Marx anticipated that there would be a radical redistribution of wealth and a withering of the global socialist state (the “crude” stage of communism) followed by a fundamental transformation of human nature as all individual culture, personality, and economic uniqueness disappeared (the “higher” stage of communism). Marx looked forward to a time when individuals would be freed from an alleged alienation from their own humanity supposedly caused by the division of labor and money-based economic transactions. Individuality would be replaced by a new generic “species-being” [Marx’s term] personality, a personality that would specialize in nothing and be an expert at everything (Vincent Cook, “Pol Pot and the Marxist Ideal,” 2011).

    It is now a fact fairly well-known, even among socialists, that economic calculation under pure socialism is an impossibility. And yet compared with the idea that any country or economy could survive, let alone prosper, after government abolishes the division of labor — simultaneously crushing all liberty, all pretense of liberty, and all individuality in the process — the calculation problem seems downright minor, even though in reality it is not minor at all: yet it seems so simply because this latter idea is such sheer madness.

    “Most Communist movements, faced with the utter infeasibility of industrial production under socialist central planning (let alone an abolition of the division of labor), chose to reconcile themselves with capitalism in various ways and to defer the Marxist ideal of higher Communism to a remote future that would conveniently never come. Some Communists, notably the Soviets and especially the Yugoslavs, practically admitted that the species-being ideal would never be realized and were willing to settle for varying degrees of centralized socialistic control mixed with elements of capitalism” (ibid).

    Maoists, however, remained pure — at least for a time.

    Thus the “Cultural Revolution” of China which vainly tried to transform human nature itself — individuals do not exist, these Maoists also preached — until, that is, its stupendous failure forced even the most radical of Maoists to step back and reevaluate. This failure-followed-by-reevaluation changed Maoism across Asia and the world — with one appalling exception: Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.

    Pol Pot understood that industrialization and the cities which emerge through the division of labor would have to be eliminated if the Khmer Rouge were to come anywhere close to an egalitarian society. This is why almost immediately after the Khmer Rouge took power (in April of 1975), the regime began evacuating Phnom Penh. They were, in a very real and literal sense, merely acting with the courage of their Communist convictions.

    “The worst that can be said of Pol Pot was that he was sincere,” Vincent Cook correctly wrote, and continued:

    The Cambodian people were in fact freed of the “alienation” of a division of labor and individual personality, and were reduced to a perfectly uniform egalitarian existence on the collective farms. If the cruel reality of the Khmer Rouge slave state didn’t quite come up to the extravagant eschatological expectations of Marxist true-believers, the fault lies exclusively with those who think of the Marxist pattern of historical development and its egalitarian outcome as a desirable state of affairs. It is not enough to say of Pol Pot, as Prince Sihanouk did: ‘Let him be dead. Now our nation will be very peaceful.’ We must also acknowledge that a Pol Pot-type passion for equality remains as a threat to the peace and well-being of every nation even if the former dictator himself is dead.

    There should be no forgetting the crimes of the Khmer Rouge — no matter how much time has passed or will pass — no whitewashing them, no cultural amnesia concerning them, nor any diminishment whatsoever nor rationalization of their utter evil, especially not by academic elites, like Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn and all the others who once overtly, repeatedly, publicly praised Pol Pot for his Communist convictions and the “just society” he despotically built. Nor should these atrocities be whitewashed and forgotten by any of the ideologically bankrupt intellectuals explicitly calling for Communism today and telling us, as a “reminder,” that “Communism is good.” 

    These people must be ideologically confronted and exposed and defeated — routed on the battleground of ideas; because the truth is that when the facts are made clear and their philosophies presented in full, without their interminable equivocations, circumlocutions, obfuscations, and jargon, there is no argument — they don’t have one — and so they don’t stand a chance.

    And do you know why they don’t have an argument?

    The don’t have an argument because nobody has a right to the life or labor of any other human being.

    If anyone ever tells you differently, ask them this: 

    How do you begin proving such a proposition? Show me your proof. Show me your evidence.

    Ask them from where their edicts and premises derive. From whence do they advene?

    Ask them by what natural order of affairs — what fact within nature, either human nature or nature apart from humans — do they derive such a doctrine: the doctrine that others do, in fact, according to them, have a right to the life and labor of other individual human beings.

    In the history of the entire world, no good answer has ever been given to this question because no good answer for it exists.

    The Cambodian Killing Fields should stand eternally as the total testament to this entire deadly doctrine: a grotesque, monolithic, twisted monument to the philosophy of forced egalitarianism and anti-individuality.

    The human race must never forget that any minister of force preaching the egalitarian doctrine-of-envy — which is to say, anti-individualism — that person, that minister of force, is an ideological offspring and disciple of Pol Pot.

    I am well aware that most people today espousing socialism and egalitarianism — especially those who’ve grown up in the first-world and take its comparative freedom for granted (and there are millions of such people, most prevalently in universities across the world) — are not despots-in-waiting, tyrants-to-be, or full-blown dictators of the blackest breed. But I know also that Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot et al, are exactly where and to what these politico-ethical-economic ideologies lead.

    I know also that once a principle has been breeched, even to a small degree, it becomes increasingly easy — easy and then easier and easier — for that principle to be breeched again and again. So that you soon hear people saying such things as this:

    “What do you mean our government can’t legitimately restrict an individual’s freedom of action, or expropriate her property? Certainly it can. Governments do it all the time, as they’ve been doing it for decades. Look at military conscription — the draft — or look at 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created and then, that same year, laws came into being which passed the National Income Tax, which is certainly a type of expropriation, and then Herbert Hoover and his passage of Smoot–Hawley, which paved the way for the New Deal, with all its price and wage controls, and then Social Security, which was meant to be temporary, and then Medicare and Medicaid and then TARP, followed by Barack Obama’s trillion-dollar stimulus, whose thousands of pages nobody read in full before it was rammed through and made into the law of the land, and then Obama’s taxpayer-funded bailouts and his taxpayer subsidizations of ‘renewables,’ both of which political policies are identical to Mussolini’s so-called Corporatism, and then look at the bureaucratic nightmare of Obamacare. Why should Donald Trump’s new laws be any different?”

    Why, indeed?

    Thus are new laws endlessly enacted, and endlessly justified. And then one day, all freedom is gone, and nobody quite knows how. Or cares.

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