Psychological Manipulation By The Media: Did You Fall For It?

    I am, of course, referring to Will Smith the night before last at the Academy Awards smacking Chris Rock, who’d made an offensive joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, and her alopecia.

    I’ve chosen to write about this subject now and here because what the world witnessed at the Oscars this year and what the world then saw sweep tsunami-like across the planet is a perfect microcosm of what for two years now has been happening all across the globe. It illustrates also the inexpressibly grave threat each of us now faces.

    This threat is a threat to humanity itself, and it strikes at the very heart of what it means to be human.

    It is a threat in which all civilization hangs in the balance.

    When, two hours after the Oscars took place, I watched the clip of Will Smith smacking Chris Rock — an event, I remind you, broadcast out across the entire world — it was instantaneously clear to me what was happening.


    When in rapid fashion I subsequently saw republicans, democrats, conservatives, progressives, lawyers, doctors, scientists, professors, politicians, media of all political persuasions (all, I repeat, without exception and without any noticeable difference among them regarding their view on the veracity of what they’d just witnessed at the Oscars) — the overwhelming majority of all people, many of whom I admire deeply and from whom I’ve learned a great deal, yet none of them taking a moment to pause and reflect and rethink but choosing instead to go public right away with their view that it was absolutely real — all races, sexes, sexual-orientations, genders, religions, ages, professions and perhaps (or perhaps not) most importantly: all levels of “intelligence” (which is not in any case what most of them think) — I then knew beyond the shadow of any doubt whatsoever that my instantaneous assessment was one-hundred-percent accurate.

    That is not a self-aggrandizement.

    It’s not that at all.

    It’s a testament to the horror-show I have for twenty-four months myopically and with increasing incredulity watched unfold, and this includes the stupefying amounts of propaganda and staged-ops and psy-ops I’ve witnessed over and over and over and over again, firsthand.

    The entire Academy Awards incident, from beginning to end, was not real.

    It wasn’t real.

    It was absolutely faked.

    It was systematically staged.

    It was arrantly unreal.

    Reality is that which exists.

    That which exists is that which is.

    That which is is that which is real.

    The opposite of real is unreal.

    The unreal is the inauthentic.

    The only alternative to existence is non-existence.

    Non-existence by definition does not exist.

    Only existence exists.

    “There is no nothing,” wrote Victor Hugo correctly.

    Reality is that which is real and is the polar opposite of the artificial, the inauthentic, the fake, the phony, the false.

    By definition there is only one reality, and healthy human brains are fully able to accurately measure, quantify, and assess reality.

    Accurately measuring, quantifying, and assessing reality results in the discovery of truth.

    Truth is that which correctly corresponds to reality.

    Truth is the accurate identification of existence.

    Truth is the right recognition of the real.

    True means accurate.

    To say that one’s aim is true is to say that one’s aim is accurate.

    How can we ultimately know? How can we know truth from falsehood, accurate from inaccurate, reality from unreality?

    The answer is this:

    The results in reality.

    Does the airplane fly?

    Does the cargo ship float?

    Does the wagon wheel roll?

    Does the slap abrade skin?

    Ultimately by the fruits.

    By the fruits in reality we can ultimately know.

    (I give this subject and a number of its intricacies — most specifically, the nature of sensory perception — much deeper treatment in Part 2 of my most recent novel, which is in large part concerned with this very subject.)

    You can watch or rewatch the “uncensored” Will-Smith-Chris-Rock clip directly below — and as you watch it, I invite you to observe that the first full giveaway is Will Smith’s immediate laugh, while he’s still sitting, which the camera focused upon (and this, incidentally, was not an oversight: we were meant to see Will Smith’s laugh). Yet the two biggest tells, apart from the fact that it even happened at all, which it never would have — never (monologues are vetted and pre-approved by the Academy, in addition to the fact that there’s security swarming everywhere) — was the phony-looking slap itself combined with the camera angle from which all television viewers witnessed it and which in its phoniness was exceeded only by Will Smith’s movie-like, actor-like phony swagger immediately following the smack, when he’s striding back to his seat.

    Watch it with all that in your mind:

    I knew instantaneously what had happened not only because of the things I just mentioned in the paragraph directly above the video-clip — although my observation of that data most certainly factored into my assessment — but also because of what for two years now I’ve observed happening all across planet earth.

    If you’re still in doubt about Chris Rock and Will Smith at the Oscars, the following photos show you close-up what in the original aired video you can from a distance actually observe — when, that is, you’re focused and paying attention and fully aware. The following photos show Chris Rock immediately before and then after the smack. In the FX business, there’s a specific name for what you see around Chris Rock’s zygomatic arch:

    Here are a couple of other stills:

    Here you can see their smiles:

    One might be tempted to think that, even if overly extravagant in the staging of something intentionally meant to dupe the world, this phoniness is ultimately insignificant: it is, after all, Hollywood we’re dealing with.

    One would be very wrong indeed to ignore the extreme gravity and seriousness of this.

    It is, I say again, a perfect microcosm of the world we now live in, and the dangerousness of this new world cannot be overstated or exaggerated.

    To the powers-that-be, it’s even beside the point if you figure out it was staged.


    Because the total goal is in sowing confusion and strife among people, in making us question reality, so that, exhausted, our minds finally relinquish their full cognitive power and scope and then give up and give in.

    That is the total goal.

    Have you ever watched the interview given by the ex-KGB officer and defector, Yuri Bezmenov, whom I quoted directly above? It is a chilling interview. Here are a few more excerpts from it, and the most chilling aspect is that he’s one-hundred-percent correct:

    Here’s another quote from his interview:

    As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures; even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him [a] concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it, until he [receives] a kick in his fan-bottom. When a military boot crashes his… then he will understand. But not before that. That’s the [tragedy] of the situation of demoralization.


    That, reader, is precisely what is happening.

    It is in this context that I invite you now to imagine — even if it’s only hypothetically and for one minute — that parts of January 6th, 2021, and the infamous “insurrection” in Washington DC was staged, which in fact it actually was, as you can see for yourself here:

    You can also watch the full Yuri Bezmenev video interview here and read the full transcript of it here.

    Do you think, then, that Will Smith’s staged slap of Chris Rock was merely a publicity stunt, perhaps orchestrated to draw more television viewers?

    I ask you to think again:

    From The Guardian (March 29th, 2022)

    And this:

    Pfizer’s current CEO Albert Bourla is a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s so-called Young Global Leaders School

    Reader, this is no small issue.

    The blinding white-hot rage and hatred of Donald Trump (of whom I am no fan nor ever have been) which for four years completely consumed and obsessed hundreds of millions of people also created within them a capacity for deeper depths of partisan political belief, which these past two years have poured like lava into hundreds of millions of minds — a depth unspeakably dangerous in its raging heat and boiling fervor, the boiling fervor of dogmatic adherence and the absolute violence it’s engendered, both potential and actual, the latter of which I’ve experienced firsthand.

    The entire premise of the environmental movement has long since been inculcated into the minds of the majority of people worldwide — inculcated into their minds and given them the unquestionable conviction (a conviction that no amount of actual data from reality can now ever shake) that all industry, not just mining, although that is certainly among the most fundamental, is evil and it must therefore at every cost conceivable be stopped, even if the cost of stopping it means an actual genocide orchestrated by elite bureaucrats — i.e. the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum with their depopulation agendas, which would snuff out billions of living, breathing individual human lives. This genocide is what hundreds of millions of human-beings all across the world are now ready to accept. The premises were set over the course of the last thirty years.

    And that is precisely what is happening right now as I type these words, and it’s precisely what in two year’s time so many have come to believe. It is one of a multitude of weapons the elites at Davos are using to orchestrate a worldwide famine.

    Depopulation has since the early 1970’s been the explicitly stated goal of the World Health Organization (WHO) and its partner bureaucracy: The World Economic Forum (WEF), founded by Klaus Schwab, who has deep ties with South African apartheid and whose father was a proud NAZI.

    Both the WHO and the WEF are explicitly marxist-socialist institutions.

    They always have been.

    No one I know — not a single person — denies that:

    The WHO and the WEF are both explicitly marxist-socialist in their politico-economic ideological convictions.

    It is also a true fact of reality that one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated and swallowed whole by the vast majority of humankind — a fraud then passed down for a full century now to children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren — is that fascism was “right-wing” and had nothing to do with left-wing politics or true socialism or true marxism, and that this is all there is to it.

    This is flatly, provably false. It is absolutely untrue. It is completely contrary to the actual facts of reality. It always has been untrue, and it always will be, and I am fully prepared to prove this to you.

    Fascism in reality began and was and will always be a socialist ideology — it is so by definition — and as such it has at its cornerstone the purely dogmatic belief (a blind belief which actual reality obliterates) that individual human-beings do not actually exist but are merely “parts of an organic whole,” to quote Karl Marx, Mao Tse Dong, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Goebbles, and of course Adolph Hitler, among countless others.

    Collectivism — also known as tribalism — is the defining characteristic of fascism, as it is the defining characteristic of all other forms and strains of socialism, and for the exact same reasons.

    Collectivism is the antithesis of individualism.

    Individualism is not “rugged.” It is rooted in the human quiddity: the faculty of reason the activation of which requires a continual act of each individual’s human will.

    This act of will — the will to focus, to keep one’s attention focused against the constant strain of inattention — is an act that cannot be performed by any human or group of humans for any other human-being.

    It cannot.

    It absolutely, unequivocally, and demonstrably cannot.

    This act of will — the act of focusing the attention and the act of maintaining focus — can only be performed by each individual person: each and every one of us individually, continually, and in the privacy of our own individual minds across the long arc of our lives.

    That is individualism.

    It is nothing more and nothing less, and there’s nothing “rugged” about this.

    Neither is there anything antisocial about it nor anti-community nor anti-good-will nor anti-charity nor anti anything remotely like any of this. There never was. Those cliches are facile platitudes — the results of a century-long propaganda campaign consisting of nothing more than frozen Marxist dogma.

    It is this same frozen Marxist dogma that current ministers of force and purveyors of coercion are pushing onto the world — the exact same frozen dogma, I promise you, though packaged a little differently this time around.

    And this time around also, because of the speed and the interconnectedness of the world-wide web, the reach of their propaganda and its frozen Marxist dogma is vastly greater than ever before. The ministers of force and purveyors of coercion simply cannot stand the thought of leaving individual human beings the hell alone.

    That is the essence of it all, in brief.

    Individualism simply means that we are each individuated beings.

    For this reason and for no reason other, we are each sovereign and self-governing.

    Nothing in nature — neither human nature nor nature apart from humans — ever has or ever can refute this fundamental fact of reality.

    It means by logical elaboration and as a direct and demonstrable corollary that consensual, voluntary individual human action is right and true and just.

    It means also that all charity should be voluntary and consensual.


    Just incidentally, it’s been only very recently that the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization have both scrubbed all their multitudinous references of their explicit depopulation agendas. I have fortunately kept hard records of many of these references.

    Please know also that on January 27th of 2021, Vladimir Putin — yes: Vladimir Putin, the current despot of Russian — spoke at the World Economic Forum, on the occasion of the WEF’s anniversary, just as Anthony Stephen Fauci even more recently spoke at the World Economic Forum, exactly one year after Putin (i.e. two months ago, on January 27th, 2022) on the occasion of the WEF’s latest anniversary.

    The following comes from CSPAN, which is a left-leaning news organization championed by, for instance, Barack (“My-Grandmother-Was-A-Typical-White-Person”) Obama:

    Click the pic to watch the video, if you can stomach it.

    Vladimir Putin — like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and so many others (you can find a more exhaustive list here) — was also a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s so-called Young Global Leaders program.

    They’ve tried to scrub and erase the reality of that fact too, but they’ve largely failed.

    Klaus Schwab is friends with Vladimir Putin.

    Klaus Schwab is also friends with Zelensky, who is now (March 29th, 2022) calling for “green energy” to stop war:

    This, if you can believe it, is even more staged than Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Academy Awards, as ALL Zelensky’s media appearances are — all without a single exception.

    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, about whom I know a great deal, the World Health Organization’s current director-general and the first non-MD to ever occupy this position, is also a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s so-called Young Global Leaders program.

    Tedros has also openly advocated depopulation, as he is also guilty of Ethiopian genocide.

    Here’s what Amnesty International writes about Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus‘s organization in Ethiopia:

    Ethiopia: 25 Years of Human Rights Violations

    When the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) took control of the capital, Addis Ababa on 28 May 1991, Amnesty International hailed the day as a “…break with the past” and an opportunity to put human rights protection at the top of the agenda for the future. However, as Ethiopians celebrate 25 years of EPRDF rule, they have suffered persistent and pervasive violations, in particular, of civil and political rights that has become a hallmark of the EPRDF government.

    The current CEO of Pfizer, a criminal mass-murderer of the highest order named Albert Bourla, is also a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s so-called Young Global Leaders school.

    Yes. All of them. And so many more — as Klaus Schwab is himself a brainless puppet whose strings are pulled by forces above him.

    Make no mistake, reader, and never doubt: halting industry, including but not limited to fossil-fuel and mining as they are about to attempt, it will plunge the entire world into the greatest famine the world has ever seen — by light years — and that is exactly what they want. This orchestrated famine will kill billions of individual human beings.


    As mass murder V.I. Lenin (1870 — 1924) so unforgettably put it: “Let the peasants starve.”

    I ask all readers to please take special note of the greatest mass murder in all human history — another atrocity committed by yet another devoted marxist-socialist — the death-toll for which exceeds every one of his socialist counterparts: Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and all the rest:


    This is from the National Library of Medicine. Click the pic to read the full article. Please take special note of the last two bullet points directly above.

    As I have pointed out so many times the past fifteen years and as I will never cease pointing out, the marxist mass murderer Mao Tse Dong is to this very day and moment greatly and openly admired by many politicians currently in office. In the following video clip, for example, you can watch attorney Anita Dunn, who was a Barack Obama cabinet member — Director of Communications — speaking to a large group of high-school students about her admiration for the marxist mass murderer Mao:

    The following headline is from today (March 29th, 2022):

    This is true:

    I end this article with an importuning:

    Please hear what I’m saying. Please.

    Please wake up!

    Partisan politics are purely superficial — an intended distraction — and they’re being used as a weapon.

    Because no matter what you think of the Wuhan virus or so-called covid-19, lockdowns, gene-transfer vaccines, fossil fuels, the industry of mining, me — Ray Harvey — or anything else, if you concede that your inalienable, natural-born rights, which are the locus of your very freedoms, are not natural-born or inalienable after all but purely contingent upon whether you do or do not do what the state or anyone else commands you to do or you’ll not be free to buy groceries, travel, rent lodgings, access medicine, water, engage in voluntary transactions and exchange with anyone who consensually, voluntarily agrees to transact and exchange with you — you thereby in so doing immediately concede all human freedom forever: yours, mine, every individual family member or friend or loved one you have or ever will have.

    You immediately concede the natural-born freedoms of every individual in the entire world.

    You concede it to pure prevaricators and purveyors of coercion and force.

    You concede all human freedom, and you give it to the most despicable people to ever walk the face of the earth — vile evil sub-humans who care nothing whatsoever about individual human life.

    You’ve said in your concession that individual human-beings do not exist by right but merely by permission.

    This is false. It is untrue. It is inaccurate. It is contrary the facts of reality.

    It is wrong.

    The only alternative to acting by right is acting by permission.

    The only alternative to acting by right is acting by permission.

    Please ask yourself: whose permission? And who gives permission to those whose permission we’re acting under and to those above them and so on? And why?

    The definition of a right is “an act or action which can be exercised without another’s permission.”

    That is what a right is in actuality.

    That is what it is in reality.

    Human freedom is one thing and one thing only: it is the omission of governmental coercion.

    Human freedom is the absence of governmental coercion and state force.

    There is no type of freedom other than the type which voluntary exchange brings about.

    “Media leaks” do not now exist. If you hear about it or if you read about it — on social media or regular media — you’re intended to. For a fact. That is reality. Question everything. Question everything you read or hear.

    And never forget:

    The will is eternal.

    Human freedom is everything.

    Goodness is timeless.

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