Truth Needs No Propaganda. Truth Holds Its Own
  • YouTube suspended me for seven days because I made and uploaded a video that presented a few facts about the principle of full and informed consent, which is a powerful and crucial principle fundamental to both medical ethics and law.

    Three days before this, YouTube had also deleted my video which briefly listed a few things about the Covid vaccine most people don’t know — foremost of which the fact that these “vaccines” are actually not vaccines at all but a form Gene Transfer Therapy. They are thus not anything like the vaccines we normally get: tetanus, for example, and other MMR’s.

    Nothing in my video was false or untrue, which is why YouTube, even when asked by me to specify, could not name a single thing — not one — that was inaccurate or misleading.

    Vimeo has also deleted all the videos of this sort that I’ve uploaded there — which is to say: the videos I’ve made with messages that do not fall precisely in with party-line Covid dogma.

    My videos are on BitChute now.

    I ask you to please hear what I have to say in both of the following.


    It is astounding that after 18 months of propaganda, prevarication, and a continually collapsing narrative, it still continues unabated.

    The New York Times and Rolling Stone both recently wrote hit pieces condemning Ivermectin, despite the over sixty published peer-reviewed studies and despite the overwhelming success of Ivermectin, including but not limited to its two Nobel Prizes in medicine — prizes won for its amazing anti-viral properties in humans. This is what Nature magazine wrote in 2017, before the world went stark raving mad, about the amazing miracle-drug called Ivermectin.

    Ivermectin: enigmatic multifaceted ‘wonder’ drug continues to surprise and exceed expectations

    (Read the full article here.)

    YouTube just today also deleted the account of a brilliant East Indian physician who’s saved countless lives this past year with Ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine, who gave an eloquent and extraordinarily limpid lecture explaining what Ivermectin has done for his patients and why. YouTube, like the New York Times and like Rolling Stones and virtually all other mainstream media outlets, disapproves of any and all safe, inexpensive, and effective early-treatment protocols for the Wuhan virus. Why? Because if it’s not an experimental “vaccine” the longterm consequences of which are totally unknown, it does not really exist.

    So these media outlets would have the world believe.

    None learned a thing from the despicable Lancet medical journal scandal of last year, which they were all complicit in, and still they continue their disgraceful campaign of outright misinformation. It is no exaggeration to say that all these organizations and media outlets have a great deal of blood on their hands — for the sickening amount of death and destruction that their misinformation and their propaganda has caused. Yes. That is the truth. Do you want proof?

    Here it is.

    Truth, however, needs no propaganda. Truth holds its own.

    As this good doctor says it:

    And can you guess from this graph which country is using Ivermectin? I’ll tell you this much:

    Vaccines did not “flatten the curve” in India. Early treatment protocols did.

    Click the pic to enlarge.

    Also, if anyone is still keeping score — and I, for one, most certainly still am — Sweden, with its more laissez-faire approach to the Wuhan virus, won by a landslide, and that landslide margin keeps getting bigger:

    The sheer lunacy of “ZeroCovid” can be found in the fact that the virus does not get bored and move onto another planet or galaxy. The virus stays. The moment lockdowns and all other restrictive measures end, the virus begins intermixing — with humans, as with all other forms of life.

    Human beings have had legitimate flu vaccines for a long time, and yet we still have the flu. People still die of it all the time. But we never, in the past, criticized anyone for failing to take the vaccine, nor do we act as if universal vaccination could even theoretically eradicate the illness. This ideological madness must stop.

    Humans build natural immunities. We always have and we always will. To be sure, there will always be hardships, as there will always be sickness and misfortune and suffering and death. But when humans are free — when the right to life and property is recognized, protected, and respected — humans overcome obstacles and prosper in a vastly greater way than when humans are ruled over by coercion, propaganda, and force.

    This ideological insanity which has gripped the world for a year-and-a-half and counting — this notion that we must somehow go through life with no risk to any virus — it must be put to rest.

    It must.

    There’s so much more to life than avoiding a virus.

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  • Christine 08.25.2021

    I was in the grocery store tonight and the intercom overhead played a woman’s voice reminding me to “be truthful” in wearing a mask around my fellow shoppers. Orwellian AF. I applaud your tenacity, as always, to inform and serve.

  • I appreciate you truly.

    When I’m in the grocery store and I hear over the intercom, in a chant-like drone of unisonic voices, “Remember, we’re all in this together” I invariably think: Of course you are. Your businesses have gone through the roof this past year-and-a-half — up over a thousand percent.

    It is pure and arrant indoctrination taking place, and it is no joke.

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