“This Ain’t Rock-N-Roll; This Is Genocide” — David Bowie, Diamond Dogs
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    In response to the worldwide tsunami of deaths and adverse-events now coming out and growing by the day regarding the experimental gene transfer injections, which are masquerading as vaccines, the party-line pro-gene-transfer faction is admonishing us all to just be cool: the number of lives being saved by the vaccine, we’re told, is, in spite of all the death and adverse-events caused by the vaccine, greater than any “perceived” negative.

    More lives are being saved than are being destroyed, it is said, and even the shocking and irrefutable number of people harmed or killed by the experimental Gene Transfer injections don’t “indicate” that Gene Transfer injections aren’t a “net benefit.”

    Most people don’t know this yet and the powers-that-be most definitely do not want most people to know this, but in the last 24 hours, that mainstream talking-point was blasted into smithereens. I seriously urge all people of the world to go read through those three documents I just linked to — here’s the link again — documents painstakingly compiled by real scientists and real doctors, most of whom have received the Gene Transfer Therapy injections themselves, and which documents they’ve compiled in response to the absolute horror-show playing out around the world right now in real time. Read them and share them. It is a bombshell, from the CDC’s own data.

    And yet even apart from that, the first question one thinks of in response to the totally arbitrary and unproven assertion that experimental Gene Transfer Therapy is saving more lives than it’s destroying is this:

    Does that estimation take into account the hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of lives that would have been saved with early-treatment protocols proven to be, in Tony Fauci’s recent words, “85 percent effective in preventing death and hospitalization” — early-treatment protocols which have been deliberately and criminally suppressed and traduced for a year-and-a-half?

    And does this take into account the variants that the Gene Transfer vaccines have selected for?

    Does it?

    The answer to that question is, of course, “Don’t be ridiculous.”

    Of course it does not take into account all these lives. As a matter of fact, there is no possible way for anyone to honestly reply to that question — and not primarily because it’s irrefutable, which it is, but rather because no one could even begin to calculate the actual number.

    Nobody knowns the actual number of people who have died as a direct or indirect result of the dumb and reckless actions of the leviathan called state, which is the coldest of all cold monsters who bites with stolen teeth.

    It is in this sense, I say again, that all pro-lockdown, anti-early-treatment advocates are complicit in a staggering atrocity exhibition of senseless death and destruction, including, of course, all the collateral damage unleashed by these reckless policies, and which collateral damage not a single person has ever replied to in response to my direct and repeated query: how on earth do you justify all this death and destruction created by lockdowns, shutdowns, and the suppression of early-treatment protocols? How?

    And where’s your compassion for all that innocent life?

    Can you not, at the very least, as a compassionate human, acknowledge that all this death and destruction has been caused by lockdowns and the suppression of effective early-treatment protocols?

    The second question that arises in one’s mind in response to the arbitrary and totally unproven assertion that more lives are being saved by experimental Gene Transfer injections than are being destroyed by it is this:

    How do you know?

    How could you possibly begin to know?

    What I mean specifically here is, completely apart from the fact that the CDC’s own VAERS database represents — according to the CDC itself and other independent analysis — only 1 percent of all actual adverse-vaccine events that in fact do occur, apart from this, I repeat, the experimental Gene Transfer injections have existed for less than eleven months, and for this reason, the genetic material and the nanoparticles that contain it have never been fully tested for longterm side-effects.


    Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

    In fact, these Gene Transfer vaccines were rushed through at “warp speed,” via the “Emergency Authorization Act,” and so in the two-months time they were given to test, nobody — and I mean nobody — could possibly determine with any degree of accuracy how many deaths this experimental Gene Transfer injection not only has caused but, even more significantly, will cause.

    Nobody knows.


    There are human beings from the original two-month trial-period who are only now, nine months after the fact, experiencing adverse events — and YouTube, incidentally, has banned the video testimonials of these people. Yet it’s hardly limited to nine months. By Pfizer’s, Moderna’s, and Johnson & Johnson’s own admission, longterm effects, years away, are “not known.” How could anyone ever presume to know what, if any, organ-failure conditions or cancers or immunological malfunctions or any number of other conditions, such as genetic material integrating with our own DNA, might be triggered, years from now, and precipitated by this experimental Gene Transfer Therapy, which was not given time to be tested for longterm side-effects?


    Anybody who says that anyone knows the longterm side-effects of Gene Transfer injections is lying.

    Anybody who says that anyone knows the longterm side-effects of Gene Transfer injections is lying.

    There is no way to know. This genetic technology, which comes from a failed biotech program begun in the early 1980’s, was pushed through legislation far too fast for any proper vetting or testing.

    To accept, therefore, the mainstream party-line dogma about these experimental Gene Transfer vaccines is to accept them upon pure and absolute blind-belief — blind-belief in bureaucrats like Bill Gates.

    It is not to accept the safety and efficacy of an experimental genetic injection upon the merits of real data, observation, testing, or knowledge — i.e. the methods of reason and science — since no such observation, testing, data, or knowledge exists because these experimental vaccines were not given a fraction of the time required for such proper methods and methodologies. It is, I reiterate, to accept them on pure and absolute blind-belief in bureaucrats.

    Bureaucrats who have proven themselves disgustingly inept and incompetent at every turn of this entire crisis.

    There is no way around that fact: all advocates of Gene Transfer Therapy are necessarily, as a corollary of their advocacy, advocates, as well, of a blind-belief in the assertions of bureaucrats.

    I therefore respectfully but firmly insist that, at the very minimum, all true-believers in the mainstream party-line orthodoxy — all of you make allowance for those of us who, committed to the science of induction, deduction, and the epistemological laws of reason, will never be able to make the same leap-of-faith that you’ve all made: in the blind authority of bureaucrats to which you now uncritically adhere. And even more significantly than that:

    Please know that every single one of the manipulations, prevarications, equivocations, circumlocutions, and anti-conceptualizations spotted among any of these same authoritarian warlords you believe in, these falsehoods will be used pitilessly against them in the court of law which will, you may depend upon it, bring them all down for their worldwide acts of violence, human experimentation, warfare, and high-crimes of genocide against humanity.

    “This aint rock-n-roll. This is Genocide.”

    — Mr. David Bowie


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