“A Lie Resents Questioning; But Truth Is Untroubled In Defending Itself” — Epicurus
  • Proof of the bioterrorism and psychological manipulation, which for a year-and-a-half has been waged upon all of us, across the entire world, can be found, I have recently wrote, in this fact: the global suppression among bureaucracies, governments, and virtually all major mainstream media outlets of safe, effective, inexpensive early-treatment protocols, which, even in spite of the concerted global suppression, many, many good doctors have been quietly and successfully using from the beginning.

    Why? I wrote, why would any agency, institution, government, or person who purports to care about human life ever do such a thing, and for so long? Why the outright, proven fraud, committed by what were the two most reputable medical publications in the worldThe Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine — for one of the safest, most time-tested, effective, and inexpensive medications ever invented?

    Not one person, even among the most pro-lockdown, pro-panic demographic, has ever seriously addressed or attempted to answer this question, and for one very basic reason: there is no serious way to answer or address it.

    That’s why this one overwhelming, undeniable, elephant-in-the-room factor is and will always remain an infallible giveaway — one of five infallible giveaways — to the atrocity exhibition that’s been unleashed upon all humankind.

    I am satisfied to see that Dr. Robert Malone, MD, one of the pioneers of messenger RNA technology (some would say the inventor), has recently corroborated what I regard as infallible proof:

    There has of course been a reaction to the growing grasp of the war being waged upon us all: now that more and more people are glimpsing what’s actually going on — the psychological manipulation and the bioterrorism — bureaucracies and bureaucrats have become more panicked and, as a result, sloppier. They are therefore less covert now and more explicit. This is a new development, and you will see it continue. Look:


    The excellent and indefatigable physician Dr. Pierre Kory, lung and ICU MD, just recently noted this:

    Most despicable and damning of all, reader, are reports coming out that, despite the WHO and the FDA, as well as approximately half-a -million media outlets, claiming that Ivermectin, winner of two Nobel Prizes, doesn’t work for the Wuhan virus, Australian physicians have begun using it … but only for people who have received the vaccine:



    Mad Cow Disease, about which I wrote two days ago, is also known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. It’s a type of neurological condition, known more generally as a type of spongiform encephalopathy, which is caused by the proliferation of misfolded proteins called prions.

    As I wrote two days ago, “there’s a growing body of data showing that these Gene Transfer vaccine platforms are causing Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, in numbers that many scientists and doctors are finding very alarming. Pfizer’s warning label acknowledges contamination”:


    The original Mad Cow outbreak, which occurred largely in the United Kingdom (though it was not confined exclusively to there), occurred in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. In England, 4.5 million head of cattle were killed in an effort to contain the outbreak. Human fatalities, however, remained low: 177 confirmed deaths.

    One thing to come out of that Mad Cow outbreak was a deeper understanding among scientists and doctors of the disease’s provenance and its specific mechanisms of operation — specifically, in feeding cattle offal from the same genus of cattle (e.g. lamb offal comes from lamb, cow offal comes from cow), misfolded proteins from the offal were transmitting their misfolded shape onto normal healthy proteins of the same protein variant. This corrupted chain of proteins can, in turn, be transmitted to any one or thing that eats the infected animal.

    Because of the Mad Cow Disease outbreak, the use of processed animal protein in the feed of cattle and sheep was banned by the European Union in 1994.

    I bring this up now because there’s recently been the following seemingly inexplicable development:

    A number of virologists and infectious disease specialists who understand what’s going on have speculated and publicly hypothesized that the reason this ban has been lifted is to provide a reason for “the coming outbreak of Mad Cow Disease among the vaccinated.”

    “This vaccine is the biggest risk to the genocide of humanity in all human history.”

    — Nobel-Prize winner Professor Luc A. Montagnier, who along with several others, recently submitted to the International Criminal Court sworn affidavits “alleging government’s across the world and their advisors are complicit in genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code.”

    “This aint rock-n-roll. This is genocide.”

    — David Bowie, Diamond Dogs

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