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  • Felix Randal

    March 7th, 2021 | Poetry | journalpulp | 11 Comments

    Felix Randal the farrier, oh, is he dead then? my duty all ended, Who have watched his mould of man, big-boned and hardy-handsome Pining, pining, till time when reason rambled in it, and some Fatal four disorders, fleshed there, all contended? Sickness broke him. Impatient, he cursed at first, but mended Being anointed and all; […]

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  • Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

    January 27th, 2021 | Fascism | journalpulp | No Comments

    January 27, 2021, to mark the 76th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz — the Nazi German death camp, where some 1.1 million people, mostly Jewish, were killed during the war. Last year, Michigan Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaiba — a proud antisemite and totally uninformed and dogmatic critic of Israel, was correctly lambasted on social […]

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  • Chapter 39 (Book II): Neck Between Two Heads: a Story of Civilization and Superstition

    January 21st, 2021 | Neck Between Two Heads | journalpulp | No Comments

    What Freedom Fosters (a small sampling) Chapter 39 The engine that ultimately powers civilization is not science or technology or currency — all of which are side-effects, by-products — and neither is it government nor God nor gods nor devils nor witches nor any other superstition. The engine that powers civilization and all human progress […]

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  • The Brainwashing of the World is Over 50 Percent Complete — Don’t Allow It To Happen Further

    January 20th, 2021 | Fascism | journalpulp | No Comments

    You must watch the brief video clips below. You must. You have to see this to believe it. This is not about Donald Trump, and I am not a Trump fan. If you can watch this incredible footage and not see that it’s obviously staged — then, reader, something is very, very, very wrong. The […]

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  • Censorship

    January 11th, 2021 | Uncategorized | journalpulp | No Comments

    No private action is an act of censorship. Only governments can censor. No private individual or platform, no magazine or press, no agency or business may┬árightfully suppress another publication by force. (Competition or competitive advantage does not equal force.) Only governments have the power to enforce silence and suppress with impunity. When governments do this, […]

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