April 21, 2022, Barack Obama Publicly Admits To The Greatest War Crime In World History: Billions of People Treated as Guinea Pigs for Human Experimentation Using Novel Drugs Marketed Falsely as Verified Vaccines
  • Have no doubt whatsoever that what Barack Obama said publicly on April 21, 2022 — and what he chuckled over while saying it — was an explicit admission of the most appalling war crime in human history.

    I’m fully aware that for my pointing this out and for my unwavering commitment to bringing this horrific crime into the full light of day — and for my uncompromising conviction that each and every individual human being is sovereign and sacred and not some nebulous, undefined, expendable cog in some mythical, nebulous, undefined collectivist machine — I am for this regarded by many as the villain and the enemy. I know also, as a corollary, that many, many, many will think my title here and my opening statement are hyperbolic.

    All anyone need do now is wait.

    You will unfortunately see that I’m not speaking hyperbolically.

    I wish I were.

    Barack Obama’s sickening scelestic admission was as follows:

    “Despite the fact that we have now essentially clinically tested the vaccine on billions of people worldwide…”

    Reader, please hear me, and please do not at any point in your life allow the gravity of this to diminish in your mind: one does not everever — “essentially clinically test a vaccine on billions of people.”

    It is not only in absolute violation of the Nuremberg Code but of all other sound medical ethics as well.

    These are very serious matters we’re dealing with — unspeakably serious.

    If one does “essentially clinically test a vaccine on billions of people,” as Barack Obama expressed it, one is then a war criminal of the highest order and of the most sociopathic sort: a criminal upon whom full justice must be brought — and this includes but is not limited to punishment as far and as deep as the law extends.

    Nor does any moral man or woman ever — ever — chuckle about “essentially clinically testing a vaccine on billions of people worldwide” as Barack Obama indeed chuckled about it.

    He did this publicly, I repeat, on April 21, 2022.

    If you have friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or loved ones killed or injured by these heinous acts of human experimentation, conducted by the most repugnant humans to ever walk the face of the earth — or if you yourself were injured or if you or your loved ones are in the future suddenly stricken with injury or illness or death as a direct or indirect result of these vile acts of human experimentation, to which Barack Obama recently admitted and over which he recently chuckled — your outrage and your thirst for proportionality and satisfaction are more than entirely justified.

    You have every right to the full satisfaction of justice, which is also known as proportionality, and I believe you will receive it: I believe you will see full justice and retribution meted out to those guilty of these ghastly crimes against humanity.

    In “essentially clinically testing a vaccine on billions of people worldwide,” to use Barack Obama’s exact words, you have thereby committed the greatest crime against humanity in all human history.

    Barack Obama’s admission on April 21st, 2022, is the full and final affirmation of everything many of us most feared.

    I assure you that this is not mere semantics. Neither is it another clumsy misuse of language on Barack Obama’s part, nor is it a minor error, nor is it an incidental gaff, nor anything like that.

    The word “we,” which Barack Obama explicitly used, makes it all the more damning.

    Dogma past a certain point can never be overcome.

    Click the pic to watch the video.


    Here’s further confirmation of what Barack Obama admitted on April 21st, 2022:

    The following was spoken by Anthony Stephen Fauci in 2017 at Georgetown University. Please note that the year 2017 was five years ago, which was three years before March of 2020, when governments locked-down the world and, via an orchestrated terror campaign that’s still going on, forced the world to wear meaningless cloth masks as “protection” against an aerosol virus which passes like a phantom, instantly, through any such cloth mask:

    This is Bill Gates and his friend Jeffrey Epstein, with whom he has in common, among other disgusting things, a firm belief in eugenics.

    Nobody knows the longterm consequences of these biologically active experimental genetic injections masquerading as vaccines. Nobody. Anyone who tells you that anybody — and I mean anybody — does know the longterm consequences of these genetic platforms is either lying or totally ignorant or totally evil.

    Do you know why nobody knows the longterm consequences of these genetic injections?

    Answer: these genetic injections were tested for a total of two months before being pushed through at “warp speed,” via the Emergency Authorization Act. There was thus not a fraction of enough time for anyone to test, retest, observe, and study the safety and side-effects of these genetic injections, which can quite possibly, we now know, reverse transcribe into the human genome.

    Immunologist and molecular biologist Dr. Dolores Cahill believes that in five year’s time the majority of people on planet earth who got the biologically active experimental genetic injection masquerading as a vaccine will die.

    Dr. Mike Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, gives it seven to nine years.

    Do you think Dr. Dolores Cahill and Dr. Mike Yeadon are merely indulging in more crazy conspiracy theory? The World Health Organization and its sister organization the World Economic Forum respectfully disagree. They’ll tell you so in perfectly unambiguous terms — as they have been since the early 1970’s: “There will be a need to kill many billion.”

    Close quote.

    Here’s where that quote comes from:

    Click the pic to watch the full video.

    From a recent PubMed article:

    Click the pic to read the full article.

    From the late great Dr. Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel-Prize in medicine for his profound understanding of viruses — a man of whom Anthony Stephen Fauci has always harbored a Salieri-like jealously, and even more so when, in 2008, Professor Montagnier was awarded the Nobel prize, which Fauci has all his adult life coveted:

    Depopulation has since the early 1970’s been the explicitly stated goal of the World Health Organization (WHO) and its partner bureaucracy: The World Economic Forum (WEF), founded by Klaus Schwab, who has deep ties with South African apartheid and whose father was a proud NAZI.

    Tony Blair and Bill Gates — the latter of whom is, as you know, the Jeffrey Epstein’s friend — are both esteemed graduates of Klaus Schwab’s so-called Young Global Leaders school of psychopaths.

    Here’s a slightly more exhaustive rundown of graduates from this same Young Global Leaders program:

    • Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany from 2005 to 2021Global Leaders for Tomorrow Class of 1992
    • Bill Gates, Global Leaders for Tomorrow Class of 1993

    • Jeff Bezos, Global Leaders for Tomorrow Class of 1998
    • Gavin Newsom, current California governor, Young Global Leaders Class of 2005

    • Peter Buttigieg, current United States Secretary of Transportation, Young Global Leaders Class of 2019

    • Emmanuel Macron, current President of FranceYoung Global Leaders Class of 2017 

    Here are a few more Klaus Schwab alumni:

    • Anderson Cooper
    • Ashton Kutcher
    • Jack Ma
    • Leo Tilman
    • Lera Auerbach
    • Charlize Theron
    • Leonardo DiCaprio

    Here are a few more:

    • Nicolas Sarkozy, former President of France
    • Dan CrenshawTexas Republican in the United States congress
    • Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaiian Democrat in the United States congress
    • Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of England 
    • Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton
    • Richard Branson, founder and current CEO of Virgin Media
    • Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and current owner and CEO of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp
    • Justin Trudeau, aspiring autocrat and current Prime Minister of Canada, who has, however, recently abdicated his position, and who would if he could repeatedly inject millions and millions of children with a biologically active, experimental genetic platform NEVER tested for longterm safety
    • Jacinda Ardern, aspiring autocrat and current Prime Minister of New Zealand, who would if she could repeatedly inject millions and millions of children with a biologically active, experimental genetic platform NEVER tested for longterm safety

    That’s right: they are each and all graduates from eugenist Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders School of neo-marxist propaganda.

    Here are a few more, whose names you will perhaps recognize:

    Vladimir Putin.

    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the World Health Organization’s current director-general and the first non-MD to ever occupy this position.

    Albert Bourla, current CEO of Pfizer.

    Of course also there’s this sub-human, Avril Haines, who in the fall of 2019 organized the bioterror we’ve all been living with these past two years:

    Both the WHO and the WEF are explicitly marxist-socialist institutions.

    They always have been.

    No one I know — not a single person — denies this: the WHO and the WEF are both explicitly marxist-socialist in their politico-economic ideological convictions.

    It is also a true fact of reality that one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated and swallowed whole by the vast majority of humankind — a fraud then passed down for a full century now to children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren — is that fascism was “right-wing” and had nothing to do with left-wing politics or true socialism or true marxism, and that this is all there is to the matter.

    This is flatly, provably false. It is absolutely untrue. It is completely contrary to the actual facts of reality, and I am no right-winger, an incontrovertible fact also, incidentally — a fact to which over one million of my own published words completely testifies.

    Fascism was from the beginning a socialist ideology, and it always will be a socialist ideology, and I am fully prepared to prove this to you. I’ll start here:

    Benito Mussolini coined the termed “Fascism” to describe his socialist ideology.

    Barack Obama is, like his cognitively declining puppet Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., an explicit proponent of Fascist Corporatism. In fact, Obama enacted this identical form of Mussolini’s Corporatism when his government took over General Motors, and when with taxpayer money he subsidized so-called renewable companies, like Solyndra, which for obvious reasons went swiftly bankrupt.

    The merging of state power with Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and J&J, is also, like the current merging of state power with social-media platforms, definitionally Corporatism-Fascism. By definitionally I mean as defined by the person who coined the term, Benito Mussolini, the first to unleash this godforesaken ideology upon humankind.

    Fascism in reality began as a socialism ideology, and it will always be a socialist ideology — it is so by definition — and as such it has at its cornerstone the purely dogmatic belief (a blind belief which actual reality obliterates) that individual human-beings do not actually exist but are merely “parts of an organic whole,” to quote Karl Marx, Mao Tse Dong, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Goebbles, and of course Adolph Hitler, among countless others.

    Collectivism — also known as tribalism — is the defining characteristic of fascism, as it is the defining characteristic of all other forms and strains of socialism, and for the exact same reasons.

    Collectivism is the antithesis of individualism.

    Individualism is not “rugged.”

    Individualism is rooted in the human quiddity: the faculty of reason the activation of which requires a continual act of each individual’s human will.

    This act of will — the will to focus, to keep one’s attention focused against the constant strain of inattention — is an act that cannot be performed by any human or group of humans for any other human-being.

    It cannot.

    It absolutely, unequivocally, and demonstrably cannot.

    This act of will — the act of focusing the attention and the act of maintaining focus — can only be performed by each individual person: each and every one of us individually, continually, and in the privacy of our own individual minds across the long arc of our lives.

    That is individualism.

    It is nothing more and nothing less, and there’s nothing “rugged” about this.

    Neither is there anything antisocial about it nor anti-community nor anti-good-will nor anti-charity nor anti anything remotely like any of this. There never was. Those cliches are facile platitudes — the results of a century-long propaganda campaign consisting of nothing more than frozen Marxist dogma.

    It is this same frozen Marxist dogma that current ministers of force and purveyors of coercion are pushing onto the world — the exact same frozen dogma, I promise you, though packaged a little differently this time around.

    And this time around also, because of the speed and the interconnectedness of the world-wide web, the reach of their propaganda and its frozen Marxist dogma is vastly greater than ever before. The ministers of force and purveyors of coercion simply cannot stand the thought of leaving individual human beings the hell alone.

    That is the essence of it all, in brief.

    Individualism simply means that we are each individuated beings.

    For this reason and for no reason other, we are each sovereign and self-governing.

    Nothing in nature — neither human nature nor nature apart from humans — ever has or ever can refute this fundamental fact of reality.

    It means by logical elaboration and as a direct and demonstrable corollary that consensual, voluntary individual human action is right and true and just.

    It means also that all charity should be voluntary and consensual.


    Just incidentally, it’s been only very recently that the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization have both scrubbed all their multitudinous references to the explicit depopulation agendas they’ve long espoused. I have fortunately kept hard records of many of these references.

    Please know also that on January 27th of 2021, Vladimir Putin — yes: Vladimir Putin, the current despot of Russian — spoke at the World Economic Forum, on the occasion of the WEF’s anniversary, just as Anthony Stephen Fauci even more recently spoke at the World Economic Forum, exactly one year after Putin (i.e. two months ago, on January 27th, 2022) on the occasion of the WEF’s anniversary.

    The following comes from CSPAN, which is a left-leaning news organization championed by, for instance, Barack (“My-Grandmother-Was-A-Typical-White-Person”) Obama:

    Click the pic to watch the video, if you can stomach it.

    Vladimir Putin — like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and so many others (you can find a more exhaustive list here) — was also a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s so-called Young Global Leaders program.

    They’ve tried to scrub and erase the reality of that fact too, but they’ve largely failed.

    Klaus Schwab is friends with Vladimir Putin.

    Klaus Schwab is also friends with Volodymyr Zelensky, who is now (March 29th, 2022) calling for “green energy” to stop war:

    This, if you can believe it, is even more staged than Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Academy Awards, as ALL Zelensky’s media appearances are — all without a single exception.

    Here’s Volodymyr Zelensky with his friend Klaus Schwab, eugenist and current CEO of the same World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab founded, and at which his friends Vladimir Putin and Anthony Fauci recently spoke:

    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, about whom I know a great deal, is the World Health Organization’s current director-general. He is, as I mentioned above, the first non-MD to ever occupy this position. Tedros is a friend of Bill Gates and Jeffery Epstein.

    Tedros is also graduate of the eugenist Klaus Schwab’s so-called Young Global Leaders program.

    Tedros has also openly advocated depopulation, as he is also guilty of Ethiopian genocide.

    The following is what Amnesty International writes about Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and his murderous regime known as the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front:

    Ethiopia: 25 Years of Human Rights Violations

    When the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) took control of the capital, Addis Ababa on 28 May 1991, Amnesty International hailed the day as a “…break with the past” and an opportunity to put human rights protection at the top of the agenda for the future. However, as Ethiopians celebrate 25 years of EPRDF rule, they have suffered persistent and pervasive violations, in particular, of civil and political rights that has become a hallmark of the EPRDF government.

    The current CEO of Pfizer, a mass-murderer named Albert Bourla, is also a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s so-called Young Global Leaders school.

    Yes. All of them. And so many more — as Klaus Schwab is himself a brainless puppet whose strings are pulled by forces above him, which is the CCP.

    Make no mistake, reader, and never doubt: halting industry, including but not limited to fossil-fuel and mining as they are about to attempt, will plunge the entire world into the greatest famine the world has ever seen — by light years — and that is exactly what they want. This orchestrated famine will kill billions of individual human beings.


    As mass murder V.I. Lenin (1870 — 1924) so unforgettably put it: “Let the peasants starve.”

    I ask all readers to please take special note of the greatest mass murder in all human history — another atrocity committed by yet another devoted marxist-socialist — the death-toll for whom exceeds every one of his socialist counterparts: Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and all the rest:


    This is from the National Library of Medicine. Click the pic to read the full article. Please take special note directly above of the last two sentences, which I now quote: “Although drought was a contributing factors, this was largely a manmade catastrophe for which Mao Zedong bears the greatest responsibility. We will never know the precise number of casualties, but the best demographic reconstructions indicate about 30 million dead.” I ask you to pause for a moment and process that.

    Volodymyr Zelensky can be seen in the photo directly below, side-by-side with his pedophilic older cousin, eugenist George Soros, who, like Bill Gates, was also friends with the late Jeffery Epstein. George Soros’s son Alexander is a graduate of eugenist Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders school of puppets:


    I’m going to give you now, in closing, the total argument against the entirety of the mayhem created by the Wuhan virus and the experimental genetic injections masquerading as “vaccines,” which you and I were falsely told would combat the Wuhan virus.

    I ask you to please remember the argument I’m about to give you.

    This argument will defeat any person — any — no matter that person’s scientific credentials or number of degrees or awards, no matter the person’s medical credentials, no matter the person’s intellectual brilliance, real or perceived, no matter the prestige or power or position or place in the world — anyone, I repeat, who takes the opposite side of this will be defeated by the following. The reason they will be defeated by it is that the following is true, and all the prevarication and propaganda and circumlocution and equivocation in the world cannot defeat truth:

    First, the Wuhan virus doesn’t kill anybody. Period.

    It does not.

    It’s the body’s inflammo-thrombotic response to the virus that kills people, and the inflammo-thrombotic response is highly treatable. (More on this subject in my third reason, directly below.)

    Second, even when left totally untreated, the Wuhan virus and all the mutations (so far) created — created by the experimental genetic injections masquerading as “vaccines” — has, in the inflammo-thrombotic response it generates, an overall lethality of 0.2 percent, which is only slightly higher than the seasonal flu.

    For young people, the Wuhan virus is much less lethal than the seasonal flu.

    The inflammo-thrombotic response that the Wuhan virus generates is most dangerous to the elderly, and to those with pre-existing health conditions.

    Third, the inflammo-thrombotic response is easy to treat.

    Here I give you one of the two safest and most effective methods by which to treat and even prevent the inflammo-thrombotic response created by the Wuhan virus and its variants. In using the following method, which you can still do for yourself and your loved ones, you will in so doing save over 90 percent of people already infected — this, I need not remind you, is a far greater percentage of lives saved than anything the murderous excuse of a vaccine can claim — and you will furthermore drastically lessen severity, as you will also drastically slow spread to a stop.

    You will, as well, in using the following method protect yourself from other cold viruses.

    This treatment protocol is how Bangladesh, for instance, one of the most densely populated places on planet earth, has kept their curve low and flat from virtually the beginning, and it’s also the method used effectively from the very beginning by many doctors all around the world, including Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist and president of the Cardio-Renal Society of America, who’s also the most published doctor in the world on the treatment of the Wuhan virus. This method simply consists of gargling three-to-four times a day or using a neti pot or a nose spray three-to-four times day — i.e. nasal irrigation — combining eight ounces of saline water and half a teaspoon of either betadine iodine (cost: $3.00) or hydrogen peroxide (cost: $1.00).

    This method is extraordinarily effective in keeping the viral lode low throughout the nose, sinuses, and throat, and that is why it may be accurately described as a cure for the Wuhan virus.

    This one thing alone — forget everything else I’m about to share with you — would have stopped the Wuhan virus in less than six months, and in so doing it would have made the Wuhan virus a fraction as lethal as the regular seasonal flu. The following published paper is from a team of Bangladeshi doctors and scientists:

    This next thing is the second of the two safest, most inexpensive, and most effective methods by which to treat the inflammo-thrombotic response created by the Wuhan virus — and this, too, includes every single one of the variants (so far) created and driven by the genetic injections masquerading as vaccines — created and driven in the same way antibiotics create and drive antibiotic resistance.

    In using the following protocol, in late February and early March of 2020, before lockdowns and before the worldwide panic, which was deliberately fueled, Nobel-Prize nominee Dr. Vladimir (“Zev”) Zelenko singlehandedly saved over 90 percent of his patients (the only ones he didn’t save came to him after ten days of being sick or, in the case of three or four elderly patients, had serious pre-existing conditions, like leukemia). Here is what you do:

    You take over-the-counter zinc in combination with Hydroxychloroquine, which has been safely and effectively used to treat and prevent malaria for over a century now.

    You must take these two things together.


    Because once inside the cell zinc neutralizes coronavirus and rhinovirus — a fact which has been known for decades. But zinc cannot enter the cell — it can’t penetrate it — unless a vector is created.

    Hydroxychloroquine creates the cellular vector by means of which zinc can enter the cell.

    This is why and how taking zinc and Hydroxychloroquine together neutralize the virus.

    This is how Dr. Zev Zelenko, Nobel-Prize nominee, singlehandedly saved countless thousands of lives in New York state and how he saved countless millions more — specifically, by teaching this protocol to medical personnel all across the world, who in turn used it with overwhelming success — that is, until governments in American and across the world intervened and in many cases and places outlawed it. You can hear Dr. Zelenko discuss this protocol in this video he himself made:

    Did you know also that shortly after the first lockdowns, in late March of 2020, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Hydroxychloroquine — a laboratory in Tai Pei which had for decades been making Hydroxychloroquine — mysteriously and suddenly burned to the ground? Yes. It happened, not coincidentally, right around the same time that the once-prestigious British medical journal The Lancet was caught in the largest act of medical fraud in all human history. The subject of The Lancet’s fraud: Hydroxychloroquine. After the damage was already done, The Lancet publicly admitted its fraud, and in so doing it instantaneously destroyed itself, losing overnight a century’s worth of scientific credibility, so that now The Lancet is accurately viewed by the world as precisely what it is: a worthless piece of propaganda, which can easily be bought and sold, without any trace of scientific integrity or concern for truth. I wrote about The Lancet scandal here.

    I come now to the final part of the total argument, which will defeat anybody who takes the opposite side:


    This same sort of data is fully corroborated by none other than the WHO:

    The total argument against the lunacy of the past two years is found precisely in this:

    Untold millions have died — and this is something that even the United Nations (a thoroughly Marxist organization) has admitted — untold millions, I repeat, have died as a direct and demonstrable result of these criminally stupid lockdown policies alone, forget for a moment the experimental genetic injections masquerading as “vaccines.”

    Furthermore, untold millions and millions more will die from these murderous lockdown policies — far more individual human lives lost in this totally avoidable “collateral damage” than the Wuhan virus could’ve ever killed, even if the virus were left completely untreated:

    This is one of the two most popular posts I’ve written on the subject of the Wuhan virus. It’s been read by a million people and counting — literally one million — and it’s been shared by doctors, scientists, politicians, and journalists, a few of whom have written to thank me for this article. Click the pic to read the original post.

    That, reader, what I just gave you, is the total argument against the horror-show of the last two years, which is falsely called the pandemic.

    It will, as I say, defeat anyone — no matter their credentials, stature, level of intelligence or anything else — it will defeat anyone who takes the opposite side.

    It will defeat them for one elementary reason: because it is true.

    That is neither boast nor bluster nor bombast.

    It is a testament to the data, which has always been there — blurred and buried by the most aggressive and most massive campaign of psychological manipulation and propaganda in human history, but absolutely there for any person willing to look closely enough and think deeply enough — blurred and buried by a crime of such mind-boggling proportions that most sane people simply cannot conceive such a thing possible.

    Reader, please hear what I’m about to say:

    Not only is such a thing possible: it happened and it’s still happening, as Barack Obama admitted on April 21, 2022, and the perpetrators of this monstrous crime will be brought to justice.

    I say again for posterity: the argument I just listed for you will defeat anyone — and it will do so for one very simple reason: it is not a lie. It is not false. It is accurate. It is true.

    As I just discussed above:

    Do you know what happens at the cellular level when you combine zinc with Hydroxycholoroquine? If you know the answer to this question, felicitations! congratulations! You’re far ahead of 95 percent of doctors and scientists all across the world, as none other than Anthony Stephen Fauci would’ve once admitted to you:

    I want to share with you one final thing here. This, too, is extraordinarily important.

    I ask you to please watch the following video, which is less than 60 seconds long:

    Those leaders were all assassinated — for their refusal to be manipulated by the WHO and for their not allowing themselves to be bullied or psychologically manipulated by the WHO’s media lapdogs. Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina, however, survived assassination attempts — he’s successfully had people arrested for it — and this entire time also Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina has accurately told the world that Madagascar possesses and uses an effective treatment against the Wuhan virus. The name of that treatment:


    Artemisinin is contained in a plant called Sweet Wormwood, which grows prevalently in Madagascar — as it grows in many other places around the world — common and pleasant and safe, and which the people of Madagascar have long used in their teas. It is also one of the strongest anti-malarial medicines in the world. This fact has long been understood. The following image, which was sent to me by a prominent molecular chemist and MD, is also 100 percent factually accurate. Artemisinin, as you can see, is on the top right of the image:

    Please, reader, wake up. Please wake up.

    We are being bioterrorized.


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