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  • The Great Electrifier Takes on Climate Change

    October 14th, 2017 | Book of Dog, College of Subversive Knowledge | journalpulp | No Comments

    Climate change — or global warming, if you’re antiquated — is a dead duck. It always has been. The Great Electrifier explains why:

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  • The Woman Who Made a Pact with the Devil: Paperback and Kindle

    October 3rd, 2017 | Writers | journalpulp | 1 Comment

    Kindle download here. Buy the paperback here! She hadn’t expected to like him. And yet Abby Rainveil — a writer sent to interview the strange man everyone calls Kumulous — finds herself deeply drawn to his relaxed disposition, his erudition, the way he listens to her every word, his strength. Increasingly mesmerized by the charged […]

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  • 101 Things to do Instead of College

    September 20th, 2017 | Writing | journalpulp | 2 Comments

    _________   Kindle download here. Buy it here! The most successful people in life aren’t particularly gifted or talented. They become successful, rather, by wanting to be successful. Genetic giftedness is a figment. There are no such things as prodigies. Talent is a process. Intelligence is a process. Have you ever noticed that the smartest […]

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  • Autumn

    September 9th, 2017 | Poetry | journalpulp | No Comments

    Summer dies. The long days wane away. The heat in the sky melts like lead to liquid pools. The hills beyond are baked as white as clay. Now creep in the gentle autumn ghouls Trailing their silken shawls of a Lethe- an mist. Shadows warp, gourds enlarge. And now what is always there but not […]

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  • The Woman Who Made a Pact With the Devil: Complete

    September 24th, 2017 | Writing | journalpulp | 2 Comments

    CHAPTER 1   She hadn’t expected to like him. He was too skeletal, for one thing, his eyes set a little too deeply inside his skull, his gaze a little too unabashed, too knowing. Longish black hair swept up off a high forehead, with sea-green eyes and a prominent brow-ridge, he reminded her of a […]

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